Forest King – Lore Born


With ominous war chants, thunderous horns, and bolstering battle drums from a time long ago… Comes, the Forest King! Hailing from Idaho, the band’s first release, Lore Born is an axe ripper from start to finish! No frills here! Just straight, in-your-face death metal with some great thrash-tastic riffage and killer folk metal harmonies, akin to the senses of a berserker from his mead induced trance before the battle. With track names as “Troll Stench”, “Sacred Mead” and “Who Will Write Your Saga?” One can only fathom it might be found amidst a skald’s lost poems. A good, solid release throughout and some good head bangers towards the end of this album, I give it 8/10 axes. For fans of Skeletonwitch, Amon Amarth, Wintersun.


Winter’s Wake: Up and Coming Viking Metal Band from New York


I first heard of Winter’s Wake through Instagram, so I decided to give them a listen. This Viking Metal group from New York manages to combine powerful vocals and beautiful melodies that are a staple in bands like Equilibrium, Moonsorrow, and others in the genre. Their new single “Awake” is now available through ITunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify, so please do yourself a favor and check this band out.

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