Album Review: Terraforming- Jupiterian

Doom Metal is one of those genres that welcomes variety and often times creates an all around rumble that can leave the listener shaking. One such band that is making their way through the radar is Jupiterian from Brazil and they have an album that will be released on Nov. 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records entitled Terraforming. 

 Jupiterian possess a certain alure in that they mask their identities which only adds to their unearthly atmosphere. Fans of the genre rejoice this band is jam packed with hefty amounts of Doom but you will also find hints of Sludge, Atmospheric, and Black Metal.

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Forest King – Lore Born


With ominous war chants, thunderous horns, and bolstering battle drums from a time long ago… Comes, the Forest King! Hailing from Idaho, the band’s first release, Lore Born is an axe ripper from start to finish! No frills here! Just straight, in-your-face death metal with some great thrash-tastic riffage and killer folk metal harmonies, akin to the senses of a berserker from his mead induced trance before the battle. With track names as “Troll Stench”, “Sacred Mead” and “Who Will Write Your Saga?” One can only fathom it might be found amidst a skald’s lost poems. A good, solid release throughout and some good head bangers towards the end of this album, I give it 8/10 axes. For fans of Skeletonwitch, Amon Amarth, Wintersun.

Berdreyminn: Sólstafir 

Over the years Iceland’s own Sólstafir have been transcending the genre and captivating listeners with their own unique blend of rock. Incorporating an array of elements ranging from Experimental to Psychedelic the Icelandic quartet have paved the road for themselves, moving them to the forefront of the scene. While their roots lie deep in the realm of metal their new album Berdreyminn is a beautiful homage to the various sounds within the bands scope. Translating to “dreamer of forthcoming events” Berdreyminn paints an ambience as vast as the landscapes of their homeland. 

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Winter Thrice: Borknagar


Refreshing, Cold, Epic, and Folky are just a few words that come to mind when I first listened to Borknagar’s tenth studio album “Winter Thrice”. With an exquisite diverse line up Borknagar have managed to capture the essence of the word progressive. There is so much going on with this release between Vintersorg’s growls, ICS Vortex’s sweeping vocals, Lars key melodies, Øystein’s prominent rhythm, Jens leads, and Baard’s fluid drumming I almost found myself at a loss for words to describe this masterpiece. “The Rhymes of the Mountain kicks things off with ICS Vortex’s all-encompassing vocals and mingled with Vintersorg’s growls, this song definitely sets the pace for the whole album. “Winter Thrice” featuring vocals by Garm (Ulver) is a definite treat, it is so catchy and is one that has stuck with me. The final track “Terminus” also graces the ears with Garm’s Vocals.

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