Review: Iceland’s Nexion Delves into the Void

Iceland continues to prove their worth in todays metal scene. The country has become a driving force, spewing forth talent like a volcanic eruption. Nexion out of Reykjavík are just one of many sure to cause a stir within the underground, combining elements of Death and Black Metal tinged with that special Icelandic finesse Nexion are already at tier level with their peers. Their self titled debut EP released on April 14, 2017 is a 4 track powerhouse of angry and desolate sounds. 

I. Of Genesis rings chaos as the first notes blast through, immediately enveloping darkness mingled with dissonance. The vocals of Josh Rood shine ranging from pain staking screams to low guttural chants. This is a great opening track, it immediately hooks the listener to the bands sound as a whole. Waking from a dream II. Of the Coiling Void is reminiscent of a crumbling dreamscape, futile and evil. If walking through a desolate nightmarish setting had a theme song this would be it. It is so catchy and fun but that still does not take away from the ideologies. Jump into a concoction of death and pestilence, with a melody that hooks you right in, III. Of the Pestwielder culmimates the art of this beast, full of headbanging passages and evil melodies that embody the bands sound. Crossing the bridge into new beginnings IV. Of the Final Throes of Creation has a sound that will rip through your ears. Violent drums and swift ominous guitar riffs make for a painful angry birth into oblivion. Nexion has released a stellar debut EP and fans of Blackened Death Metal are sure to get their fill while leaving room for more. These fine gentleman are doing it right, a very promising EP and hopefully more to come in the near future. 


Jóhannes Smári Smárason-Guitar

Óskar Rúnarsson- Guitar

Josh Rood- Vocals

Kári Pálsson- Bass

Tumi Snær Gíslason- Drums



Berdreyminn: Sólstafir 

Over the years Iceland’s own Sólstafir have been transcending the genre and captivating listeners with their own unique blend of rock. Incorporating an array of elements ranging from Experimental to Psychedelic the Icelandic quartet have paved the road for themselves, moving them to the forefront of the scene. While their roots lie deep in the realm of metal their new album Berdreyminn is a beautiful homage to the various sounds within the bands scope. Translating to “dreamer of forthcoming events” Berdreyminn paints an ambience as vast as the landscapes of their homeland. 

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Sinmara / Misþyrming – Ivory Stone / Hof

In the world of today’s Black Metal scene we come across a wealth of bands who seek to procure the very foundation of the genre. If you have kept up with the various acts you will most likely notice that Iceland has exploded like a volcano, evoking a number of molten ridden bands.Both
Misþyrming  and Sinmara have released superb debut albums that have left me hungry for more and this split has reminded me once again why I love both bands. It is no secret here that The Metal Wanderlust is a fan of Iceland’s scene, with bands like Carpe Noctem, Svartidauði, Wormlust, and Mannveira just to name a few there is something for everyone.

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Take a Trip to the Cosmos with Wormlust


Instead of my usual lets review this album today I decided to just talk about this band as a whole, a bit of  unrestrained praise if you will. As I have said countless times before, Iceland has A LOT of talent when it comes to the metal scene and Wormlust has managed to deliver some deep, dark, and all around  wholly satisfying mix of Black Metal. Wormlust is the project of solitary member H.V Lyngdal and he originally started under the name Wolfheart but then changed names. After a number of demos between the years of 2006-2011
“The Feral Spirit” was thrust into the scene in 2013.

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Auðn: Icelandic Black Metal at its Finest


With its beautiful scenery and harsh winters there really is something special about music that comes out of Iceland. The country has come a long way when it comes to the metal scene, and Auðn have managed to portray the cold atmosphere of their home in their sweeping release “Auðn”. I am a big fan of the Icelandic metal scene and I have rarely been disappointed with anything that comes out of that amazing place. This album is rich with all the familiarities of Black Metal but the atmospheric and melodic elements really adds something special. Now unfortunately I do not speak Icelandic and this is not the first time I have longed for that ability, but do not get me wrong this does not take away from the release. Each song is melodic, powerful, and bleak.

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