Hvile I Kaos: The Live Offering

The beauty and atmosphere that is Hvile I Kaos was transposed into a live performance and it compelled me to express my thoughts. I have already reviewed selected works by said project but for those who do not know, Hvile I Kaos plays Cellistic Black Metal and while it is not the norm, Kakophonix uses the Cello as his medium to evoke the chaos within.

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Cellistic Black Metal Tyranny- Hvile I Kaos/Angmar 

The veil has been lifted and here I am once again sharing my thoughts on Black Metal Cello project Hvile I Kaos, with whom I have had great pleasure in doing so. Mastermind Kakophonix has joined forces with Angmar another prominent Cello player to release “Cellistic Black Metal Tyranny”, a four song split that can be described as pure imperious cellistic black metal bliss. Keep on reading!

Beholden: Thy Olde Birch Gibbet-Hvile I Kaos

Over the years I have come across numerous bands that transcend the genre and leave me questioning different aspects of my life. But what if my life was ending due to poor decisions, and I knew the path that would be laid in front of me. What would I feel? That is really hard to say but whilst listening to the sound of “Beholden:Thy Olde Birch Gibbet”, the latest offering from Hvile I Kaos I had an idea.

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