Towards the Realm of Nothingness by Aethyr


I happened to come across this band after a message was sent to me through Facebook. Now I am a big fan of anything Epic, Folky, Melodic, and Metal so I was happy to hear that Aethyr was in the process of releasing an album as such. Towards the Realm of Nothingness embraces the genre with full force and that can be heard in the longest track “Awaken the Northstar”. The whole album features sweeping guitars, harsh vocals, and looming orchestrations that give off the vibe of coldness and winter. “Lullaby to a Mourning Moon” is just as epic and it manages to set the course for the rest of the album. For a band that is unsigned, Aethyr has managed to release a sound that is familiar to fans of Wintersun and others alike in the genre. I recommend that anyone who is a fan check this up and coming band out, they most definitely do not disappoint.