Featurelust: 10:13 ‘Oathblade’

When it comes to Black Metal there are a significant number of artists out there who are doing it all on their own. While most churn out promising albums there are some who tend to stand out from the rest, offering something new and fresh to our beloved scene. 10:13 from Orange County CA is a one man project that has created a sound all his own. Neil Carter the man behind the music is a talented musician and he has used this as his medium to channel his own inner feelings.

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a listen to his new single entitled Oathblade and I was pleasantly surprised by the overall sound. Using everything from a harmonica to a mandolin this song speaks volumes and is one you need to listen to alone and in isolation in order to take it all in.


While this does not quite classify as straight Black Metal it holds an almost primal ritualistic feel that seeps with an other worldly presence. Combining aspects from Atmospheric, Symphonic, and even raw Black Metal Oathblade is reminiscent of bands like Lustre and Leviathan. It as if Neil took everything and threw it into a cauldron and mixed it all together.

The song itself starts off with the sound of the mandolin and harmonica working harmoniously together like the chant of an old folk Bluegrass song then unleashes into a meld of furious drumming and melodic synth then slows down into an Atmospheric Black Metal harmony that is constant throughout the whole song. The drumming is fantastic and it adds just enough heaviness to add fluidity. In addition there are some spoken word passages that give off a haunting feel. 10:13 is a project that definitely deserves more recognition and if you are a fan of anything within the metal community you should definitely give this a listen. Be sure to also delve into the promo that was released last year. 10:13 is also working on a full length album with the release date still pending.






Vessel 333: Hvile I Kaos

Photo: Lone Wolf Productions

Gather yourselves prepare to be graced by music that is both painful to listen to yet beautiful admist the chaos that it harnesses. Kakophonix of Hvile I Kaos has taken the time to write some words about Vessel 333.. 

 Vessel 333 is more than just an album track, or even a single for that matter. It basically exists, quite literally, as a Vessel for something that was living inside me for quite some time. Something that essentially fed off my anger, resentment, and pain, bloating those aspects of myself to the point where they literally took on a life of their own apart from me. As such, I felt the need to give the miscreant a place to live other than myself, to the end that I could finally leave what it was feeding on behind and get on with my life.  

In order to do this, I wrote and recorded a piece of music intended to really capture the essence of what tore at me, and then proceeded to ask my friends to submit spoken word samples pertaining to their own experience of suffering. I was pretty pleasantly shocked by some of the submissions. People talked about wishing their family members would die. About constantly wanting to die themselves. About being raped. About nearly murdering their abusive parents. About being betrayed by someone they were in love with. It was fantastic. In the most fucked up way imaginable.

In addition to this, I invited Lurk (Conjuror, Light Being) to record guest vocals for the track. I gave him a simple text, “Don’t You Dare Numb the Pain”, and allowed him to kind of just do whatever he wanted. He ended up throat singing the whole thing, which lent an eerie, otherwordly, demonic atmosphere to the already tortured effort.

Once I had all of this together, I mixed all the voice samples in with the music. The end result is a veritable stew of toxic negativity in all its forms. Hatred. Sadness. Despair. Fear. Upon completion, I made a concentrated effort to transfer what was living inside me into the piece. Away from myself. Forever. And every time the recording is listened to, the thing makes itself known through the music and words contained therein.

 Thus is Vessel 333 made manifest. I hope it fucking hurts to listen to.


Stream Vessel 333 Here

There are a number of things that can be said about Vessel 333 taken off the upcoming album by the unwavering force that is Hvile I Kaos. This track in itself is a flurry of emotions that can be felt through the music and the spoken words. These voices and the pain that they are portraying is an almost tangible essence that is brought together by the mournful sounds of the cello, and the distant phantom tones of the phrase “Don’t You  Dare Numb the Pain” by Lurk (Conjuror, Light Being). Most of the spoken words were done so anonymously but some did choose to be listed. (Tiana Marie and Lauren Davis from performance art group Coven of Ashes, Tattoo Artist Jade Willow, and Necrohorn, vocalist of Ashenblood, Arachnigod)

Yet again Kakophonix has proved to be a master of invoking feeling and passion in his music but Vessel 333 is a bit different. This track left me at a loss for words and I found myself digging into the dark recesses of my mind to grapple with my own inner demons. Feelings of sadness, hate, remorse, and anger are prominent but this is something that the listener needs to experience first hand. It is hard for me to put it all into cohesive words. For a piece of music to be that insanely powerful is all the more reason to give Hvile I Kaos’s work a listen. There is true emotion here and of course everyone can take away from it what they will. The new album Agios O Fotiá is set to be released on October 13th 2017 through Deathwave Nexion and the album release show will take place at the 5 Star Bar on October 14th through Church of the 8th Day and The Elegy Ensemble. Bands performing include Imperialist, Ruines ov Abaddon, Solar Haze, and Morphesia. Again take the time and delve into this track, this one is painful yet beautiful.



Featurelust: Agios O Baphomet- Hvile I Kaos

Photo Credit: Lone Wolf Productions

Kakophonix the mastermind behind Hvile I Kaos has been unwavering in his effort to deliver his own brand of Cellistic Black Metal to the masses. October 13th will see the release of the first full length album entitled Agios O Fotiá which translates to “Oh Holy Fire” in Greek. A small label that specializes in the Occult entitled Deathwave Nexion is going to see the release of the album, which has its well deserved spot on the labels roster.  Thereafter on October 14th a release show will be held at The 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles where Hvile I Kaos will perform with Ruins ov Abbadon, Imperialist, Solar Haze, and Morphesia. This show is being put together by Church of the 8th Day and The Elegy Ensemble and is sure to please, as it is rounding up some very prominent musicians in the scene. 


Now if you have kept up with The Metal Wanderlust in the past Hvile I Kaos may be a familiar name and this is not the first time we have featured this unique and talented artist, and hopefully not the last. The single Agios O Baphomet is nothing short of another momentous offering, which is an adaptation of an esoteric chant attributed to the Order of the Nine Angles. Slow brooding layered cello work mingled with guitar draws the listener into an arcane journey, masterful and beautiful. Black Metal riffs transport the being into the fires evoking a presence portrayed in the notes and movements of the song. Quoting Kakophonix himself he states that the tracks on Agios O Fotiá each carry their own esoteric spiritual meaning. If that is an indication as to what there is to expect, this album will be nothing short of spectacular as Kakophonix is a master at portraying emotion and feeling through his music. Open your mind and ears once again, there is a fire burning on the horizon and it’s insatiable flame is to not be quelled. 



Featurelust: Imperialist

Black Metal is a genre where bands are able to shine in various points and their repertoire is not limited to generic songs and or a stereotypical facade. There is wiggle room and bands can come into their own. Imperialist from Monrovia California are a prime example of this very thing, they play their own brew of Melodic Black Metal with hints of Death Metal creating their own unique sound. There is no shortage of what one could expect with said genre but they deliver a powerhouse of sound. From the furious guitar work to the hammering of drums Imperialist will leave the listener shaking in their boots. With one album under their belt entitled Quantum Annexation they have paved their path to deliver Melodic Black Metal spawned from the deep recesses of the beyond. They recently played a show in LA at The 5 Star in support of One Master and Imperialist delivered. Their stage presence is strong and furious, giving off plenty of tasty riffs to headbang to and you can feel the dedication and aggression. Guitar wise the melodic aspect is prominent immediately while at the same time they stand out to be different. It is definitely refreshing to see this with bands who strive to not be your run of the mill metal act. Imperialist is currently working on a new album and I feel that this is going to be a stepping stone into new realms. This is the talent of the underground metal scene, and I am happy to be a part of it and Imperialist are sure to impress and bring themselves to the forefront. 


Sergio Soto: Guitar/Vocals

Rod Quinones: Drums

Bryant Quinones: Guitar

Adrian Castaneda: Bass 


Featurelust: Sixes- “A Cross to Burn”

There is a rumbling in the distance, and feedback is pulsating through the fog. A force unto us masked in heavy riffage and guttural vocals…. Sixes is a band that hails from Southern California and they specialize in Sludgy Doom Metal brewed with hints of Black Metal that all comes together in a powerhouse of sound. They have recently premiered a single entitled “A Cross to Burn” off their upcoming full length album set to be released this Fall. 

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