We at The Metal Wanderlust seek to spread the word about both underground and mainstream bands in hopes that you will discover new music and help bands gain the recognition they deserve. 

Meet the Staff

Ashley Gould: I started The Metal Wanderlust in early 2016 after mulling over the idea of combining my love for the metal scene and writing. As we know Wanderlust is a desire to travel and I figured the name would be suitable because metal comes from various countries and it can lead to many a traveled road. Since forming the site I have sought out to cover the underground metal scene along with mainstream acts in hopes that I will inspire others to discover new music, because lets face it the metal scene is huge and full of undiscovered talent. I post reviews, features, interviews, and news. I enjoy all realms of metal so it is hard to pin point a favorite and I have a healthy obsession in constantly finding more music and bands out there who deserve recognition. This is not a hobby, this is a way of life and everyone in it I consider family

Andrew Cook: “I like METAL. I REALLY like METAL. I catch fish with METAL hooks, drink Beer from METAL cans, drive a car made out of METAL and even eat with a fucking METAL spoon! Metal as Fuck hey”

Gina Diaz

Necrohorn: The local Viking and keeper of the Dungeon Key’s 

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