Track Premiere: “Putrefaktor” – Vomitheist

Swizerland’s Vomitheist creates an atmosphere of seething devastation with HM-2 infused guitar riffs, vicious vocals, and drums that’ll knock you straight on your ass. Four of the eleven tracks on the band’s upcoming full-length album, NekroFvneral, have already been unleashed upon the world, giving us all a little taste of the ruination to come. May 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records, to be exact.

We are delightted and honored to bring you the fifth single from NekroFvneral, “Putrefaktor.” Check out the video below, then enjoy a few words from TMW contributors Deckard Cain and Rotnoxntl. Turn it up!

Vomitheist is what happens at an estuary, where the gristle laden tides of old school Swedish death metal meets the sauntering waters of American death metal of a very grimier persuasion. But the transformation from gristly to a sooty begrimed product does not really happen in a vacuum. In fact, Vomitheist might just have the right kind of song for it.

“Putrefaktor” embodies both Vomitheist’s vision and execution. Not only is it about revelling in the forces of decay and degradation but also about lending structure, through a fine slab or riffs, to a style that pays homage to bands like Autopsy while retaining the rhythmic verve of a Dismember.

– Deckard Cain

Through the morass of guitars, Vomitheist deliver death metal with a groove on their latest track, “Putrefaktor,” especially in the main riff and the bridge. Having sampled a few of the other tracks from their forthcoming album, NekroFvneral, that same solid groove carries through on those tracks as well, accompanied by some glorious chaos. 

– Rotnoxntl

Info – Swiss death metal band Vomitheist are the latest purveyors of sick, festering death metal that imbibe the best elements of the classic death metal bands and give the music a twisted interpretation of their own. They somehow manage to blend the HM-2 driven Swedish death metal sound with the ugly, slimey sound propagated by the likes of American bands such as Autopsy and make it work exceedingly well.

Vomitheist take their time to flesh out their compositions, making the riffs punchy and nasty, and ensuring that they stick out rather than get lost in the miasma of cosmetic distortion. The music of Vomitheist works on the basis of excellent songwriting alone; the rest is bonus. Truth is, on their debut full length itself, they have nailed it all – substance, sound, aesthetics – and delivered the complete package.

For fans of: Crawl, Feral, Dismember, Black Breath, Grave, Carnage, Autopsy, Abscess, Bloodbath.

– Source: Transcending Obscurity Records

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