Video Premiere: Μοναξιά (Solitude) – Dødsferd in collaboration with Sarvok.

It should come to us as no surprise that Wrath and Sarvok would sit down one day, evaluate what each of them can bring to the table ( I mean, they literally worked together on the last Dødsferd album “Suicide, and the Rest of your Kind Will follow Part II“), and try to fuck with our minds by releasing as they are calling it “An acoustic, experimental dark ambient album” appropriately named “Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions: Collaboration with Sarvok.”

The fact that they seem to understand both where they are coming from also seems to stem from the principle that each of them grasps the idea of being alone, walking ones own path, and a seeming belief in the idea that humanity in general has not only dropped the proverbial fucking ball since the day of our so called “birth” onto this poor planet, but also that having been put here by whatever power or cruel act did so, we have made a righteous mess out of the whole thing, on every conceivable level that we as a collective could.

Two people, like minded. A collective of the smallest kind perhaps, that question the very reason as to WHY we are here, WHAT is the bloody reason for all this pointless suffering, that to be honest the largest majority of this shitty place called Earth go through on a daily basis have to wake up to every morning to and get through. Day by day, every minute of those days trapped in an endless slog or battle that they would no more have asked for than a few days on a wooden cross in the blazing sun. The endless void of nothingness has more to offer for far to many.

I have waxed lyrical about Wrath and his work with anything he does many times, so for now I present to you the song “Solitude.” Then, we can discuss more.

The lyrics to the song come from not one but two pieces that Wrath has written. The first spoken piece in English was added after they both decided on one of his poems that would fit the part, which of course was written in his native Greek tongue. The first piece is as follows, and is accompanied by the sounds of his fingers effortlessly sliding over the strings, as raw and real as anything could ever be. A haunting beat, like that of a heart laboriously pumping away to keep reminding itself that it too is somehow here, and real, soon joins the tune.

These dark lines, seeing this suffer, feed my thoughts and hung them by the stars, feel this beauty, a scent of dying, peaceful lying, in my death bag of regrets. No excuses, fade in silence, drown my thoughts and burry me in this world. Bonds of weakness, end in sadness, bring me joy and save me from this void.” It may be all about the translation, but surely words such as this are easy for all to understand.

Acoustic instruments do not lie, they tell tales of discipline and practice. Years of commitment. Here we see just that. A lesson almost in measured perfection. Like the endless tick of the clock his hand is unerring. Faultless. Wrath as always shows us that his work is not a mere “style” or “genre.” His vocal delivery can, and as has often been proven does change in a mere second from gentle to outright rage. But for now, this is not so. We hear one of his many demons in the background perhaps echo his sentiment, but in a more subdued manner than one may think. Again this is a collaboration, so who are we to think that it or the very legion themselves not also wish to be heard?

The next part of the delivery is indeed, in the speech of his homeland, and again shall be provided of course translated. With the image of a cross, we hear a man, a tortured man at that as we should well know by now lay bare his soul, upon the altar of our opinions for consideration. Is he insane? What makes him feel such contempt for the world he has been cast into like a lamb to the slaughter?

Have you ever stepped out of your body, to admire the immensity of solitude? Have you ever travelled into the depths of your black soul and get angry with the monotonous colours they have been given? Have you ever felt the loneliness of the sun? A sun that dies and rises, at every waxing of the moon. You never had the chance, you never got the power to move away from this disgusting complacency. From this learned tragedy, implanted in you by your merciless creators and now you enjoy the tragedy of your human existence.”

The vocal delivery here intensifies, almost as if he truly has hit the level of rage one would expect from a man with such a name. “Wrath.” The music itself intensifies, but not to an overbearing point that one could call brash. Along with the imagery, it is more “disturbing.” A word that could often be used to describe many of the projects Wrath works on. But much like translating words from one language to another, it is all in the true intent of the person that creates them in their own way, and some concepts are universal no matter by who or in what tongue they are spoken.

A panoramic view of absolute hatred for mankind and its failings. Of sorrow and misery about what we are led to believe and many other lessons can be learned from such words. Of staying true to those around you, and walking your own path with disdain for what is shoved down your throat. Truth above all. Be it words you want to hear, or things you may not. The final imagery of a lone figure watching stuff burn is not an afterthought. The “sand” you may have glimpsed at some stage is ash. The remnants of the briars and thorns we wear every day when it inevitably ALL turns to shit.

“Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions: Collaboration with Sarvok.” Will be available for digital download on the 25th of March 2023, with limited CD, cassette and merch to follow later this year.

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