Video Premiere: Rising of the Lights – Abaddon Incarnate

TMW was lucky enough to premiere a track called “Epic Desecration” just prior to the release of Abaddon Incarnate‘s sixth album, The Wretched Sermon, in August 2022. I called attention to a well-developed death-grind the band was able to cultivate over the years, likening The Wretched Sermon to “Abaddon himself – freshly incepted from the boiling wellsprings of Gehenna.” I worked far too hard on that sentence but the barbarousness of the record warranted the description, I think, over the top as it may have been.

At the end of the year, our very own Progressive Cave Ogier wrote that Abaddon Incarnate “finally hit the masterpiece button” with The Wretched Sermon, which is a classification the PCO does not hand out lightly. Abaddon Incarnate simply had us all riled up, and today we’re happy to reminisce with the premiere of the video for “Rising of the Lights.”

Turn it up!!!

“Rising of the Lights”

Impossible to breathe here

Suffocate in this bed of shit

Agony of a slow death

Murdered by a semi-extinct virus

Resurrected to inflict Its sadistic hate upon me

What have I done to deserve This hideous decay?

I join with the millions in the open graves

The dead outnumber the living as the secondary wave arises

Pestilence from the decomposing masses

The last human chokes to death

A green light rises

As mankind dies

The rotting sepulchres

The rising of the lights

Taken from The Wretched Sermon out now on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Shot and edited by Ray K Media

Abaddon Incarnate on Facebook.

Transcending Obscurity Facebook Group.

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