FYC Records & Distro – Spring 2023

TMW‘s first FYC feature was in 2021, which seems like ages ago. We covered FYC’s first batch of releases (2TheBone, Leeches, Isolert, Sarvok, and Gomgoma), and our good friend Nickolaos Spanakis, aka Father Wrath, has since released quite a bit of excellence since. Wrath is not concerned with trends or conventional timetables, and none of the artists on his label sputter over-ambitiousness in any way, opting instead for the sort of uncontaminated creativity that’s just plain easy to spend time with.

This spring sees the release of several new FYC projects, which Nick was (as always) kind enough to chat with us about. This week we’ll cover the new(ish) EP by Drunk Motherfuckers, Nick’s thought’s on the self-titled Giant’s Fall album and an update on new material from Dødsferd.

Hey, Nick! It’s great chatting with you again about the latest FYC happenings. Last fall we talked about Manos Six & the Muddy Devil, who was a damn fine addition to the label’s roster (and I do hope the scheduled shows went well), and you released a killer drunk’n’roll EP with Drunk Motherfuckers. Before we get into your new releases this Spring, tell us more about your poetry book Burried in the Land of the Dream,” which came out close to one year ago. You’ve had some readings, yes? 

Nikolaos Spanakis: Hello, Joel! And thank you very much for spreading the news of FYC Records once more. The release show of Manos Six and the Muddy Devil was absolutely stunning! I love this band and their live performances are amazing, creating such a tremendous atmosphere to accompany their magical songs. We are going to share the stage together in May, on the return of Dødsferd on live performances, after seven whole years of absence!

My book is another great chapter of my life. I am trying to provide to it all the time and strength I can in order to share my vision to the ones who are really interested in reaching to it. I am touring in certain places all over Greece in order to promote it, but I will have to make a break in order to focus on my live performances. People seem to get involved in my poems and have very strong feelings on each of them. That’s the most important for me.

Now, Drunk Motherfuckers. Let’s dive into The Drunk Sessions a bit. This is a re-release of the Drunk & Wasted acoustic EP. What I find interesting is, without this background, The Drunk Sessions comes off like a laid-back follow-up to last year’s Dead End EP. Was there a specific reason you decided to rename the EP, and was putting it out again in response to the reception you got from Dead End?  

Nikolaos Spanakis: The Drunk Sessions was self released back in 2009, with the first era’s line up. We had a great time together back then. After releasing the latest EP, Dead End, we really tried to get back together and start again. Unfortunately it didn’t work this way. So, I re-released The Drunk Sessions with new artwork by Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Arts), re-mastered by Nasos Nomikos (VU Productions Mastering Studio) and with an unreleased song, “So F*** Drunk,” a jam song that we recorded totally drunk in 2009 the night we finished the recordings of the debut album with the first line up. It was never released with this specific line up. Only this jam song was saved! I wanted to start again with this band, alone and what greater way to start than to release this acoustic EP?

The Drunk Sessions had an unmistakable grungy ‘90s vibe, but this EP goes deeper into Lane Staley’s territory. Specifically, the brilliant one-off record with Mad Season (Above, 1995), and Alice In Chains Jar of Flies. You cover the most well-known Alice In Chains single, “Would?” in an even more stripped-down way than they did for Unplugged (1996). I’d love to know more about how Alice In Chains, and how the ‘90s heavy metal scene helped shape your work.  

Nikolaos Spanakis: Back then people, who attended our shows with Drunk MFs were telling me that my voice reminded them of songs from Alice in Chains. I was just laughing, ’cause his voice was magical and unique. No one could ever reach him; not even close. He was one of a kind. So I tried to cover this song, with my own style to pay my respect. I love and respect the Seattle scene. I listen to a lot of kinds of music. You can also see it through the different kinds of bands and projects that I am involved with. Everything helped in order to be the kind of man I am today! 

With Dødsferd and Manos Six doing shows this Spring, I have to ask, are there plans for Drunk MFs to perform again any time soon? 

Nikolaos Spanakis: I am working on it, but with a new lineup. Right now I am focused on the live performances with Dødsferd. Apart from the headline show in May, we are also included in the two days tour of Dødheimsgard in Greece, as special guests. So it will take some time until you see Drunk MFs performing live again, and if I find the appropriate people to do such a thing!  

Onto The Giant’s Fall! What an album, man! It’s droning experimental psychedelic doom, and I for one can’t get enough of the bastard. Tell us more about working with Mikebass (Lucky Funeral, Bone to Rust), and do you have any plans for future musical collaboration?  

Nikolaos Spanakis: Mike is a legend! I’ve known him for years, since we were performing live with our old bands. We always had mutual respect. I am very glad and honored that he is a part of the family of FYC Records. I am really honored having such talented and devoted musicians, sharing their vision through FYC Records. We are talking about dedicated artists like him, who don’t give a damn about selling themselves or their art; for the liking of the masses and nowadays trends. FYC Records is a family for this people, working all together for the same cause! Collaboration with Mike? It’s something that would be great.

Dødsferd has some new material on the horizon. An ambient collaboration with m.Sarvok, from what I understand. Are you able to share any more info on this, or are you holding on to the mystery for a little longer yet? 

Nikolaos Spanakis: I am cooperating with m.Sarvok on many different fields – recordings, productions, releasing his music, videos, etc. We spend a lot of time together, discussing and drinking the juices of hell. One night I created some acoustic songs. I told him, “add whatever you think they need.” And that’s how the collaboration album was created. We had also created some years ago a new project by the name Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space (G.N.L.S.), that will also be released along with the collaboration album of  Dødsferd. He is also part of the family of FYC Records, sharing the same vision and principles!

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