Heavy Metal Workout Playlist – With Stephanie Newkirk: March 2023

The workout playlist to BANG your fucking head to. I sacrificed my own body and sweat to compile some of the best new tracks that will guarantee you get moving!

Under each band, you’ll have quick access to the title, track time, and how it might help you along your workout journey.

Motivate. Dominate. And Kick ASS in your workout.

– Stephanie Newkirk|Metal Fitness

Artist: Critical Defiance

Song:No Life Forms”

Album: No Life forms

Length: 5:32 min

Talk about a THRASH assault! Pull-ups are still hard as fuck, even two years in; but this track certainly helped up my willpower! 

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Artist: Trastorned

Song: “Into the Void”

Album: Into the Void

Length: 3:05 min 

Seems I’m digging the title tracks of bands today! After looking up the meaning of the band name, “disturbance & disorder,” it now makes SO much fucking sense. It keeps me a little detached from the challenge and actually MORE in the zone!

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Artist: Küntsquäd

Song: “Slave”

Album: Küntsquäd

Length: 2:22 min

Fuck yesss! It’s dirty, raw, and fun as hell. I used this about halfway into my workout to get a different vibe going for my workout. This made it enjoyable because it has a bit of a punk tone and an overarching death metal feel! 

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Artist: Unto Others

Song: “When the Hammer Strikes”

Album: Strength 2…Deep Cuts

Length: 3:15 min

Since the first time I jammed Unto Others, I knew they were just different…and thus I feel it every time a track comes on! Its melodic intensity is a legit way to push weight around too! It has just enough drive to get it going and the vocals make you want to hear MORE of the words. “When the Hammer Strikes” is totally fitting!

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Artist: Insomnium

Song: “Lilian”

Album: Anno 1696

Length: 4:29 mins

Seems I’m feeling that melodic ass brutality. It’s equal parts beautiful and dark. That type of tune really helps me keep my endurance up – so I can keep going mid-workout. I’m in mid-set pushing 200 lbs of leg press? 200 lbs are NBD because I have Insomnium to ring in my ears!

Buy on Amazon.

Artist: Enslaved

Song: “Congelia”

Album: Heimdal

Length: 8:01 min

This shit hits HOME! It is the perfect blend of aggressiveness for energy during my workout with some melodic melodies to make my ears SING and body become one with it. 

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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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