HM-2 Soaked Death Metal From Switzerland’s Vomitheist – New Album in May!

A decision has been made at TMW Headquarters. Yes, those do happen on occasion. Despite our editors’ penchant for long-windedness, words at moments like these just get in the fuckin’ way. Go now and check out these tracks from Vomitheist. It doesn’t get much gnarlier than this! Holy fuck!

From Transcending Obscurity Records:

Swiss death metal band Vomitheist are the latest purveyors of sick, festering death metal that imbibe the best elements of the classic death metal bands and give the music a twisted interpretation of their own. They somehow manage to blend the HM-2-driven Swedish death metal sound with the ugly, slimy sound propagated by the likes of American bands such as Autopsy and make it work exceedingly well. 

Vomitheist take their time to flesh out their compositions, making the riffs punchy and nasty, and ensuring that they stick out rather than get lost in the miasma of cosmetic distortion. The music of Vomitheist works on the basis of excellent songwriting alone; the rest is bonus. Truth is, on their debut full length itself, they have nailed it all – substance, sound, aesthetics – and delivered the complete package.

Despite oozing with filth, the sound upholds the crunchiness and possesses enough clarity to allow for each note to be deciphered. It’s topped off with equally sickening artworks by Aesthetik Art. It’s nigh impossible to fault this release – where this kind of death metal goes, this is as good as it gets.

For fans of: Crawl, Feral, Dismember, Black Breath, Grave, Carnage, Autopsy, Abscess, Bloodbath.

Track Listing-
1. Strangled by Entrails 
2. Epidemic Disembowelment 
3. Horrific Bloodshed 
4. Morbid Decomposition
5. Putrefaktor 
6. Symbiotic Putrefaction 
7. Chapel of Abhorrent Reek and Festering Slime 
8. Tormenting Fungal Infestation 
9. Gut Asphyxiation 
10. NekroFvneral 
11. Carnivorous Cult 

Vomitheist Bandcamp

Official Transcending Obscurity Site

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