Album Review: Repulsive Nature – Re-Buried

Artist: Re-Buried

Album: Repulsive Nature

Label: Translation Loss Records

Release Date: January 20, 2023

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Seattle, Washington

I have it on good authority that secreted miles underground in a land where fire and ice coexist to ignite a green-black inferno of seeping excrement, an invitation-only recording studio exists. 

No one knows who owns this studio and entrance is an honor extended only to the vilest, most repellent bands. But be warned! Should this offer be refused, all varieties of unspeakable acts will befall them. Should the band accept this personal request, however, the resulting recording will assure them a distinguished place among the death metal elite. 

By the way, I’ve looked at the terms and conditions set out to use this studio. Recording there will merely cost your soul… and several body parts. Small price to pay, though, and by all appearances Translation Loss Records and Re-Buried have paid it to devasting effect.

Founded in 2018, Seattle saw the birth of Re-Buried in 2020 with the release of a four-track demo, followed in 2021 by a split nine-track album with fellow Seattle brothers-in-arms Deconsecration. Wheel forward to 2023 and we get the whole box and dice with the release of Repulsive Nature. An epic ten-track album of pure death metal savagery, merciless and primal to the core. 

It should only take a list of song titles to give you an idea of what you’re in for. Track names like “From Beneath,” “Dismal Hallucinations,” “Smouldering Remnants,” and of course the title track “Repulsive Nature.” Dead giveaways before hearing a note. 

Mark my words, this album is a dangerous listen. The raw production encapsulates and secretes intensity and pure evil with a surgeon’s precision. With stomach-churning riffs, deathly blast beats, and vomit-spewing vocals you feel as though you are ever-so-slowly being enveloped by an oozing concentration of feculent sludge. Yes, my friends, you’re gonna need a cold shower and a lie down after listening to this.

“From Beneath” is an extremely dense conformation of sharp riffs and massive screams that set the scene for the mania to follow. “Repulsive Nature” is unapologetic in its viciousness. “Dismal Hallucinations” gives the listener a bit of a breather from the onslaught with its milder haunting sound. Still, only a minute later “Sepulchral Curse” brings the aggression back with its griminess and double kicks. 

Re-Buried has masterfully created an old-school death metal album that is not only violent, thick, and distinct but also precise and polished. They have set a high bar with Repulsive Nature and should their following albums, of which I hope there are many, reach the same heights there’s no telling where they could end up. 

The album artwork is magnificent and should leave even the newest death metal fans giving thanks for what they are about to receive. [cover by Digitrash Art]

Rating: 4.5/5

Purchase Repulsive Nature on Amazon.

Translation Loss Records on Bandcamp.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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