Heavy Metal Workout Playlist – With Stephanie Newkirk: January 2023

The workout playlist to BANG your fucking head to. I sacrificed my own body and sweat to compile some of the best new tracks that will guarantee you get moving!

Under each band, you’ll have quick access to the title, track, and how it might help you along your workout journey.

Motivate. Dominate. And Kick ASS in your workout.

Created by Stephanie Newkirk|Metal Fitness

Band: Bütcher

Song: The Blakk Krusader

Album: Bestial F​ü​kkin’ Warmachine

Label: Babylon Doom Cult Records

Galloping riffs of METALLLL led me through over 60 reps of pumping bicep iron! I didn’t realize I was almost done with each set because the music took me into my epic workout bliss!

The Blakk Krusader on Amazon Music.

Band: Malice Divine

Song: Silenced Judgement

Album: Everlasting Ascendancy

Label: Independent

This track turned my leg day into a battle zone! It literally felt like I was going to battle and I was ready to CONQUER!

Silened Judgement on Amazon.

Silenced Judgement on Bandcamp.

Band: Hellripper

Song: The Nuckelavee

Album: Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags

Label: Peaceville Records

Fuck, now this shit I REALLY had fun with. Hellripper is always awesome when I hear it, but pairing it with a workout had my inner exercise critic crying in the corner and submitting to another great workout!

Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags on Bandcamp.

Band: Ashen

Song: Buried In Ice

Album: Ritual of Ash

Label: Bitter Loss Records

I was buried in the fucking depths of 150 lb back squats jamming this. It’s classic heavy death metal for lifting a ton of iron! It gave me the strength to really push through!

Ritual of Ash on Amazon.

Ritual of Ash on Bandcamp.

Band: The Furor

Song: Haywire Decree

Album: Head Full of Hell

Label: Bitter Loss Records

This song was the best fucking thing towards the end of my workout and moving into my ending yoga session! It’s the feeling of when you accomplished a shit ton of lifting iron and need a bit more kick in the ass to keep moving. The energy of pure chaos emitted from this track released the last bit of pent-up stress I had in me!

Note: Youtube link is the full album. The above track is the very first part of the video.

Head Full of Hell on Bandcamp.

Band: Eyes

Song: Generation L

Album: Congratulations (Full Album out February 2023!)

Label: Indisciplarian

My brain felt like it went upside down, shaken, and spit back up which ironically enough, helped me push through another heavy set. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started, but this certainly gave me something a bit different!

Generation L on Amazon.

Band: Rudra

Song: Marching Against the Monarch

Album: The Eight Mahavidyas

Label: Awakening Records

I absolutely loved the steady heavy and dark vibes going on here. It kicked ass at regaining my concentration when the workout got hard. It locked me into my laser-focused goals as I managed to break through and reach another personal back squat best!

The Eight Mahavidyas on Amazon.

Band: Megaton Sword

Song: Might

Album: Might & Power

Label: Dying Victims Productions

Megaton Sword hit the fucking spot when I was doing my yoga warmup. It gave me fucking MIGHT and STEEL in a gradual way and built up my blood as I prepared for LIFTING a ton of steel! Oh, and a NEVER before released track ‘Iron Plains’ will be dropping soon, and bet your ASS it’s worth looking out for. It made for an excellent yoga warmup.

Might & Power on Amazon.

Might & Power on Bandcamp.

Listen to the entire Heavy Metal Workout Playlist below:

Heavy Metal Playlist on YouTube

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

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