Short Album Review: Breaking the Trauma Bond – Voices

Band: Voices

Album: Breaking the Trauma Bond

Label: Church Road Records

Release Date: November 26, 2021

Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal

Location: United Kingdom

There is an element to Breaking the Trauma Bond that made me think of hearing Fear Factory for the first time. That excitement of hearing something that truly sounds “new” because of how disparate influences have been brought together to form the vision of Voices. The combination of musical tonalities, style, and instruments evokes industrial, punk, post-punk, and even drum ‘n’ bass, while remaining rooted in the tortured sounds, buzzsaw guitars, and relentless double-kick beats of black metal.

Across its 70-minute length, Breaking the Trauma Bond is at times dissonant, melodic, complex, symphonic, and gothic. Put it on in your headphones and prepare for bleeding eardrums.

Rating: 4/5

Voices – Breaking the Trauma Bond (Church Road Records)

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