Album Stream: Andzjel – Heiden

Band: Heiden

Album: Andzjel

Label: Magick Disk Musick

Release Date: November 11, 2022

Genre: Post-Black/Post-Rock

Location: Czech Republic

Andzjel is Heiden‘s ninth full-length release and I’m just now catching wind of the band. Said to be “strongly inspired by the region of the White Carpathians,” the soundscape Andzjel possesses is unquestionably vast. The opening track and first single, “Nevěřím těm očím” (which translates to “I can’t believe my eyes”) goes from dramatic mayhem to inquisitive self-analysis in just under six minutes then bleeds effortlessly into “V hodině vlka” (tr: “In the hour of the wolf”). These two tracks alone bring with them a sense of the avant-garde reminiscent of Grey Aura and Imperial Triumphant mixed with elements of doom and progressive metal.

The band says the album “describes the feeling when the world around us has changed overnight and we weren’t there. Extirpation and doubts. Heiden are connecting places and sounds, resonating with their hearts.” And in the seven songs presented below, Heiden makes good on this proposed explanation.

There is an element of mystery present for anyone who doesn’t speak Czech, which undoubtedly adds to its allure. If you decide to take the time, though, the translated lyrics don’t take away any of the music’s effectiveness. I’ll include a couple below to save you a bit of time, but if you watch the video, there are brief explanatory moments even though these aren’t necessary to enjoy the album by any means.

Andzjel is an extremely enjoyable and engaging listen. I’ll definitely be looking into Heiden‘s back catalog. Give the album a listen below, follow the band on their socials and support them on Bandcamp. Let us know what you think.

Rating: 4/5

Musím ti tolik říct (I Have So Much to Tell You)

I have so much to tell you...
I don't know how long I can't sleep anymore.
I don't perceive time and I don't feel hunger.
The dogs around the cottages are getting meaner,
the windows are closed, no one comes to meet.
In the stream, the water is murky and dark.
The animals disappear into the mountains, no one stays here.
I avoid people and stay in the meadows.
An amulet protects me.
I'm trying to find a roof, a shield
for this life.
I'm trying to find a roof, a shield,
I have to hide him.
An amulet protects me.

Patřím sem (I Belong Here)

When the sun casts its eyes over the hills,
We will go to sleep.
They beat our breath
rain and winter
fear and guilt.
Mountains and gloomy singing.
Grasses in gray meadows.
Herbs in hands.
Soil and blood.
When the sun casts its eyes over the hills,
We will go to sleep.
They beat our breath
rain and winter
fear and guilt.
They beat with the truth.


1. Nevěřím těm očím

2. V hodině vlka

3. Musím ti tolik říct

4. Září

5. Sviť, měsíčku, jasno

6. Běsů se nezbavíš

7. Patřím sem

Recording studio: SHAARK Studio

Sound engineer: Pavel Hlavica

Mix/Master: Karl Daniel Lidén (Tri-Lamb Studios)

Cover artwork: kverd and Luděk Řezáč





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