Premiere: Willow Tree – Manos Six and the Muddy Devil

Not long ago as you may have noticed we ran a feature about the mighty FYC Records and some of the labels latest releases, which for those in the know (and for those who do not the link will be provided below of course) Included a rather interesting band that go by the name of Manos Six and the Muddy Devil. Personally, I have struggled to write for near an eon (exaggeration is my forte) but for some reason these two Greek legends making music that sounds like it just crawled right out of the Devils backside in some Southern American swamp filled nightmare, where giant Catfish lure passers by into a sudden watery death with siren like lullabies really caught my attention in a big way.

Why? Well you are certainly more than entitled to ASK, but before you do I suggest you have a good listen or two to the subject matter at hand, “Willow Tree.”

Before we continue, I would be remiss if I did not mention the addition of two other spectacular musicians to the overall texture of this song, and they are duly noted below, but now after you have had a good chance to soak your grey matter in its rather darkened tones, we shall discuss further.

So what in the actual fuck WOULD you describe this music as, and why did it grab me in such a way. You could just go to the bottom of the page and read our feature to find out but at the risk of repeating my overall thoughts, the easy answer is it gives one an utterly prevailing sense of darkness, and the fact that although this band could certainly never be called “Metal” in any way shape or form, they are treading on ground that most of us should be very well familiar with. Dark Country? Neo – Folk? Blackened Americana perhaps? Fucked if I know and fucked if I care.

Yep. Satan, or The Devil if you wish is a huge part, and as with the lyrics for “Willow Tree,” and to be honest many a song on the album. Along with suicide, a sense of helplessness, inevitable death, in this instance the idea of hanging your very self from a lovely Willow Tree until death, and as some shitty band that are now very famous once stated having “No Remorse, No Regret.”

Would the particular character in this song do it all the same again if given a second chance? Hell fucking yes! Is this not worthy of your attention! Do the insects in the background not soothe your tortured soul in an almost hypnotic way as this fine tune subtly suggests that death may not be such a bad thing! Yep, this is good, powerful music. A touchy subject perhaps, but shall I write a list of all the Metal bands out there that have not touched upon this over the years?

As has to be said, we here at TMW MOST CERTAINLY do not condone taking ones life. Imagine all the good music you would miss let alone the rest of the stuff, and yes many of us have had our struggles but still persist. Music is for the soul, and subject matter is irrelevant if you can relate to it and it still makes you feel alive.

Enough waffle from me. If you enjoyed this, then make sure to check out the full album with the links provided below. This is A grade material regardless of anything but the fact that these guys create music that is absolutely engrossing and mesmerising beyond ALL belief.

Line up

Manos Six – Lead Vocals, Banjo
Stamos Abatis – Acoustic Bass
George Emmanuel – Acoustic Slide Guitar
Mickey Pantelous – Harmonica

Track Listing
1. Swamp Suicide
2. The Devil will take me by the hand
3. Old Time Religion
4. Evil is the Law
5. Lucifer
6. Fire
7. Willow Tree
8. Stay away
9. Hell is the Law
10. Ain’t no Grave


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