EXCLUSIVE TRACK PREMIERE: Epic Desecration – Abaddon Incarnate

Abaddon Incarnate has been a constantly evolving Irish Grind-beast for over twenty years. Blackened Deathgrind with rapid and abundant variance, their sound has always been enormous. With The Wretched Sermon, Abaddon Incarnate’s sixth full-length, the band has transformed into an even more catastrophic version of itself. Abaddon himself, perhaps, freshly incepted from the boiling wellsprings of Gehenna.

It is our pleasure to present an early listen to “Epic Desecration,” which is track number four on the new album set for release this weekend via Transcending Obscurity Records. Take a listen.

Extremely solid on all fronts – from song structure to production value – this is only one of thirteen such examples on The Wretched Sermon. This time around Abaddon Incarnate utilizes more Death Metal than ever before, and to remarkable effect. The album is full to the gills with diabolical riffs and grooves the likes of which are not easily forgotten, and quite likely to be considered the band’s best work to date.

For fans of – Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Misery Index, Wormrot, Phobia, Nasum, Balance of Terror

Line up –
Steve Maher – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Bill Whelan – Guitar
Irene Siragusa – Bass
Olan Parkinson – Drums

Artwork by Ken Coleman (Morbid Angel)

Track Listing – 
1. Rising Of The Lights 
2. Veritas 
3. Gateways 
4. Epic Desecration 
5. Parasite 
6. Hideous Arise 
7. Killing Spree 
8. Into The Maelstrom 
9. Resurrected From A Mass Grave 
10. Shrine Of Flesh 
11. Hyperchaos 
12. Isolation And Decay 
13. Silent Indifference

Official Video Stream #1

Official Video Stream #2

Official Video Stream #3

Abaddon Incarnate Bandcamp

Official Transcending Obscurity Site


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