Album Review: Watch You Burn – Intoxicated

I like to start reviews with a solid paragraph that relates to the band and also sets a tone for the album we’re about to discuss. Some introductions come easily and some… not so much. So, here I am, trying far too hard to come up with a slick opening that may persuade a person to think, “I really need to hear this band, ‘cause they sound fearsome!”  Well, sit back and prepare to be gobsmacked, because here come the magic words! 

Watch You Burn’ fuckin slaughters! Full stop and exclamation point!

Sometimes simplicity is the key. I’m not kidding either. This album is thirty-three minutes and ten tracks of mayhem and musical chaos that just fucking delivers on all fronts.

Formed in 1992, Intoxicated is a four-piece Death/Thrash band from Florida. Initially a Thrash band, they added in more Death Metal elements while keeping some of the original sounds to create their own version of crushing circle pit-inducing madness. Watch You Burn is only their second full-length album since 1997. That’s a long time between drinks, but they did release an EP and a couple of singles during that time. 

Now let’s discuss a few of the tracks. Firstly, how can you not like a title like “Assholian Mode”? It propels itself straight at you – crushing and demolishing – like some hell-born goblin just released to expose its malicious bits and ill-behaved self. “Majestic Ride” is three minutes of pure aggression that will batter away at you until all of your muscles beg for respite. But hell no! There will be no mercy here!

“Dumpster Dive” arrives with a classic and memorable riff that helps the song chug along, mostly mid-paced, which is an immediate slap to the senses. “Revelation Denied” is as sludgy as the ooze from 100 rotting corpses, and “Inevitable End” is a slow, stormy-sounding track but as the album closer, it stands as a true model of how to leave them wanting more.

I haven’t even mentioned the extraordinary musicianship on display, or the impressive production that engages and drags you into every part of Watch You Burn. But rest assured, every ingredient required for a quality release is packed within the walls of every track. In fact, I have heard that the album was recorded in Morbid Angel’s old rehearsal studio in Tampa. Imagine if those walls could talk! Hell, maybe they did and shared some of their secrets with Intoxicated during the recording process. 

This band has been honing and sharpening their skills for a long time to bring us a worthy statement of intent. And Watch You Burn is quite a statement. Released just last month on Seeing Red Records. You have no alternative but to go get this album and play it very fuckin loud. Spread the word, people! 

Rating: 5/5


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