Interview: Pete Majors – Qaalm

Resiliance & Despair by LA-based Doom wizards, Qaalm, was released early spring this year and has been impressing listeners since. Many of us at TMW have been singing the album’s praises from the jump, and we see no reason to stop now!

The following interview occurred just after the album’s release in April. Our trusty mate Trendcrusher had an awesome chat with vocalist Pete Majors about oh so many things. A great couple of dudes, indeed. What’s more, Resiliance & Despair is unquestionably one of our favorite albums of 2022 (so far).

So sit back and enjoy Trendcrusher’s chat with Pete Majors. While you’re listening, navigate over to Qaalm’s Bandcamp page where there are still some vinyl copies of Resiliance & Despair left for sale.



Joel’s Qaalm Review:




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