Album Review: Colours of Faith  – Sisyphean

Sisyphean is a Lithuanian Black/Death Metal crew that has drawn comparisons to Icelandic bands like Sinmara and Mispyring, as well as the work of Fench Avant-Garde originators Blut Aus Nord and Deatspell Omega. This has earned Sisyphean the well-intentioned but typically unremarkable “dissonant” label, which more often than not gives artists license to fill their albums with indecipherable nonsense. I once had a conversation with a dude who spent half the time trying to convince me that “true artists” of the dissonant school shouldn’t bother learning how to play their instruments because doing so leaves the door open too widely for melody to seep through. Fucking ridiculous! And I can’t help but wonder how many people actually feel this way. If you are one of those people, Sisyphean will most likely not fill the void in your soul. 

After a brief electronic introduction – signifying, perhaps, an invasive industrial complex – Colours of Faith opens wide and lets out “Scorched Timeless” with a distraught but emphatic shriek. Vocalist Dainius uses an overtone-singing voice at times, making it sound a bit like some devil is haunting his good intentions. 

The guitar work, provided by Kamil and Adomas, is slightly understated despite its obvious power. Songs like “Sovereigns of Livid Hope,” “Open Wounds,” and “Conqueror” see the two trading open chord riffs, tremolo-picked harmonies, and sparse reverb-heavy leads while maintaining distance enough to allow each song to accumulate a persuasive grooviness. 

Colours of Faith has a massive sound from start to finish. Enormous waves of profundity drip from the edges of each song, which could effectively seduce repeated listens out of damn near anybody with an interest in principled uniqueness. An absolutely brilliant record that should see Sisyphean at the top of many a list come years end. 

Rating: 5/5 


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