Album Review: The Enigma, Boundless – Sadistic Ritual

I’ve listened to my fair share of music so far this year and, true to form, it’s been mostly Thrash with a few Death Metal bands thrown in, just to keep the neighbors on their toes and their fingers on speed dial for the noise patrol. I know, expand your genres, you say. But when you’re on a good thing, why shy away from it? Embrace what you love and indulge yourself, I say.

Now as you all know, the assorted riff raff at The Metal Wanderlust, of which I am proudly one, is led by Vuk. He is the one that advises of new releases, sends them out and accepts what we return in the form of what can sometimes laughingly be referred to as “reviews.” [ed: Vuk’s are pretty rough, most of the time, if we’re being honest.] He is, as are the rest of us, quite passionate about Metal, so when you are sent an album from the Great Vuk you gotta know that it’s gonna be damn good [ed: debatable.] This is how I came to sit before this keyboard, where I might have a crack at writing some cohesive words that will cause you to pay more than a modicum of interest in this genuinely excellent release by Sadistic Ritual, “The Enigma, Boundless.”

Since forming in 2009 in Atlanta Georgia, Sadistic Ritual have released two full length albums, of which The Enigma, Boundless” is the second. Now, what you get when you press play is nine tracks loaded with blisteringly sharp and searing riffs, hectic blackened vocals, and no-holds-barred aggression with a malicious approach that will leave your spirit feeling battered and bruised. It’s brutal and straightforward Thrash with a twist of black, played at its best.

Right out of the gate, “End of All Roads,” which was the first single, demonstrates to us the truly monstrous riffs, tormented vocals, membrane bruising drumming, and all delivered with a ferocity not to be trifled with. Sound like fun??  let us continue…

You can literally feel the energy and dynamism that runs deep through “The Enigma, Boundless.” It’s truly irresistible and from my repeated listening it really appears like the band had a ball creating this album. The proof is in the pudding when you hear “And You,” which is made for circle work, and when it’s played live with exceptional shredding and lead work. “Murmur,” which feels simultaneously grim and crushing with an ear worm of a riff that provides us a glimpse of their blackened side combined with crunching leads that speak to the most primal urge in us all. And there’s “Area Denial,” which is just pure violent riffage mayhem, combined with an enormous chugging melody. Catchy as hell, I love love love this track.

Just to change things up a bit, “The Blood of Memory” is a full on instrumental. This track boasts some impressive and intricate lead guitar arrangements that “sing” the vocals through the track. It’s a bit trippy and somewhat unexpected, however it still stands true and faithful to Sadistic Ritual’s prodigious sound.

Due for delivery on May 20 2022, The Enigma, Boundless is an absolute cracker of a release that will have you genuinely engaged and engrossed throughout. It is a must have for anyone’s Metal collection. I would recommend however that a booking is made to see a chiropractor by the time the thirty-six odd minutes is completed. Your crushed neck muscles will truly be thankful for it.

Rating: 4.5/5


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