Exclusive Track Premiere – The Decision – Godless Truth

It’s Technical Death Metal Thursday here at TMW, courtesy of Transcending Obscurity Records. Label boss Kunal Choksi has given us the green light to premiere a track from an album releasing in a couple weeks time, Godless Truth’s self titled release.

The Czech band formed in 1994 and have released 4 albums along with multiple splits with bands like Devourment and Vomit Remnants. Their upcoming self titled album is their first with their current line up and promises to “establish their identity in an overpopulated scene as a band doing it with panache and grit.”

On to the track “The Decision” which is technically the first track off the album as the first one, “Wheels of Entity” is an instrumental intro.

“The Decision” is a full blown aural assault right from the start for the first minute with stellar drumming by Petr Mikeš and furious riffage by guitarists Petr Švancara and Ondřej Černobila. The guitar solo in the middle of the track courtesy Rafael Trujillo of Obscura offers some respite. The track also benefits by a warm sounding mix & master by Joe Haley of Psycroptic (Crawlspace Productions)

Overall, “The Decision” sets the tone for the rest of the album. Stay tuned for it’s release on 4th March. A must listen for fans of: Psycroptic, Death, Benighted, Decapitated, Atheist and Obscura.

Line up –

Petr Švancara – Guitar

Ondřej Černobila – Guitar

Jakub Grunt – Bass

Petr Mikeš – Drums

Adam B. Sychrow – Vocals

Guest appearances:

Rafael Trujillo of Obscura (lead guitar in The Decision)

Joe Haley of Psycroptic (lead guitar in The Eyechain)

Petr Angelo Čuka of Dissolution (vocals in Fortune Time)

Peter Gábor (piano in RIP Cage)

Matt Delirious (vocals in Wake Up To Obey)

Artwork by Nauseaimage (MMiller)

Track Listing –

1.Wheels of Entity

2.The Decision

3.Glory To Desperation


5.Breathe Fire

6.Fortune Time

7.Bred In Greed

8.The Eyechain

9.RIP Cage

10.Wake Up To Obey




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