Exclusive Track Premiere: Metal Of Death – Abyssus

Abyssus is a five-piece Death Metal band from Athens, Greece. Their first full length, “Into The Abyss,” released by Memento Mori in 2015, made some noise in the underground with a mixture of old school Thrash and Death Metal. In 2016, Transcending Obscurity released an Abyssus compilation called “Once Entombed,” which collected the band’s previous EP and split material. Taken together, these two records whip up a tornado of anticipation surrounding their upcoming second full length, “Death Revival.”

We here TMW are always excited to hear new Death Metal excellence, particularly of the old school variety, but it wouldn’t take much exploring to discover we’re not terribly picky. Yes please to more Death Metal, we say! And occasionally the kind folks over at Transcending Obscurity provide us with sneak peeks. Such is the case with “Metal Of Death,” the album opener, which will be the fourth and final single before “Death Revival” is unleashed upon the world in its entirety this Friday.  

Take a listen to this monstrous bastard!

Holy shit, right?! This song, relentlesly pushy and pulverizing, will drive you right off a cliff and watch you fall to your death with a smile on its face. 

Drummer Jan Westermann provides the initial accelerant, and the rest of the band follows suit. Despite ripping work by guitarists Panos Gkourmpaliotis and Christos Liakos, it is Westermann who stands out as the spine of the tune. This isn’t a surprise, considering his presence  is quite dominant on Abysuss’s earlier material. The difference here is in the execution and production, aided by a seasoned and confident vocal performance by Konstantinos Analytis. 

Taking its cues from the likes of Obituary, Slayer, Master, and Asphyx, “Metal of Death” serves as proof that Abyssus can stand quite comfortably alongside the best of the best. The album is coming for us all! And believe me when I say… it’s going to make a mess. 

Line up –

Konstantinos Analytis – Vocals

Panos Gkourmpaliotis – Guitar

Konstantinos Ragiadakos – Bass

Jan Westermann – Drums

Chris Liakos – Guitar

Album artwork by Andreas Marschall (Obituary, Destruction)

Track listing –

1.Metal Of Death

2.The Ten Commandments

3.Uncertain Future

4.The Beast Within


6.The Witch

7.When Wolves Are Out To Hunt




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