Video Premiere: Ancient Shattered Moon – Dusk

Dusk are the oldest Metal band from Pakistan, and over 2 decades since they first started out, the band are gearing up for released of their 4th album “The Imaginary Dead” via Cyclopean Eye Productions.

We are honored to premiere the video for the opening track from the album, “Ancient Shattered Moon.”

“Despite being a practicing film maker for a number of years, I have always been apprehensive about creating any visual work for the music of Dusk.” said Dusk mastermind, Babar Shaikh, about the video. “I feel with the extreme metal genre, visually there is a very fine border between being classy and being cheesy.”

“The idea of putting together visuals for ‘Ancient Shattered Moon’ actually comes from our longtime friend and label boss Sandesh Shenoy.” said Babar Shaikh, giving credit to the idea behind the video. “It got my mind working and I thought of how the track and the music of Dusk would interpret visually; how (would) the abstruse lyrics of the track could translate to pictures?”

“The (lyric) video finally came together as an amalgamation of shots of myself (which) I had filmed for an installation two years ago. Visuals of old trees in urban Karachi, and artist Sarah Khan practicing Suminagashi, a Japanese art of marbling she uses to create the artwork for the new record.” shares Babar Shaikh about the different visual elements that form part of the video. “For me Dusk has always existed and thrived at the fringes of film, art and obscure poetry and this compendium of visuality might be a minor testimony to that existence.”

The Imaginary Dead” features drummer Halim (Tremor of Impiety) and Mike Bloodcurse (Illemauzar) on bass, along with guest appearances from both Metal and non-Metal artists communities.

We got a promo copy of the album from Cyclopean Eye Productions and it is definitely a must listen for all fans of Doom Metal.

Keep an eye out on the label profiles for the album release date and more information.


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