Interview: The Joy Thieves

After getting connected with the great people at Armalyte Industries, they got us connected to do a Zoom interview with The Joy Thieves to talk about their new album “American Parasite.” Knowing that Dan Milligan was one of the main drivers of the music collective (I would never deem to call them a “band” since they are now more then 50 Thieves around the world), I assumed that he would be on the call, but earlier in the week of the scheduled interview, Armalyte let TMW know that Chris Connelly would also be participating. After a brief fanboy moment (okay, it was more than brief), I pulled myself together, put “American Parasite” on repeat, and started working on what I wanted to talk to The Joy Thieves about.

We ended up chatting about the album, the process of creating it, The Joy Thieves and how that music collective came together, as well as a few other things during our conversation. Basically, three guys talking about the love of music.

An overdue full review of the album will be coming, but for now, enjoy the discussion.

– Rotnoxnatl

Interviewed July 10, 2021

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