The Metal Wanderlust: TMW Merchandise Preorder! 

Hello, friends! Merry Christma-quan-solsti-ukkah, or whatever the fuck! Joyous holidays full of death, blood, and destruction… and friends, family, and good food and whatnot. Whatever the occasion it is you celebrate this time of year, we’re happy as hell you’re all still alive and enjoying yourselves some Metal! 

The idea of selling TMW t-shirts is not a new one. It has been tumbling around our collective coconuts for quite some time, but it took us a while to find the right opportunity. A couple weeks ago, we were able to announce on our social media pages that an official presale had started! Fuck yes! Very exciting, even if only for us! 

The presale started December 10th, and will run through January 9th 2022 (11:59 PM EST-USA). The announcement read: Shipping for this preorder is, unfortunately, limited to the United States. However, the better this presale goes, the easier it will be for us to widen the shipping net. Visit: Or scan the QR code below.

All of those things are still true, and we very much hope you will all soon be able to get your hands on these items, no matter which side of the planet you live on. In the mean time, we hope you’ll all take the time to visit the websites of both the artist who created the design, and the shop that’s printing the shirts for us, both of which can be found in the links below.

The artwork was created by Lord Ranarchy, who has done cover art for both Cropsy Maniac and Massacre. He “spreads the gospel of death and tits,” as he says, and draws “Death Metal album covers, lewds and whatever horrific images come to my mind.” So, hails to Lord Ranarchy, and his vision of ghastliness that lives on the backs of these shirts.

The shop that’s making the shirts is called Printed on a Lark. It is a local, family owned screen printing shop operated out of Toledo, Ohio. Steve Lark is the guy to talk to over there about the custom printing work they do. High quality merchandise, and extremely easy to work with. Steve even set up the online store that this presale is being run through. Great people, the Lark’s. Go check out their stuff.

Many thanks to all of you as well, for reading our ramblings, and sticking by us through transitions and pandemics. We hope you enjoy the shirts, and all of the great things yet to come in 2022.

J. Wukotich

Sale Link:


Printed On A Lark:

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