Album Review: Deiform – Funeral Mist

I’m going to start by saying that “Hekatomb” is one of my favourite Black Metal albums of all time. The vocal performance on “Shedding Skin” is mint. So, when “Deiform” appeared in my mailbox as something to review, to say I had a raging boner would be putting it mildly. Now that we have that uncomfortableness out of the way, let’s get down to business which, coincidentally, is what I say to my wife when I have a raging boner. 

Deiform” starts with “Twilight of the Flesh” which, to be honest, is pretty boring. A plodding guitar riff with chanting vocals. This isn’t a good start and my boner has turned into a semi. The second half of the song is a bit better, but still a little meh.

Apokalyptikon” is, musically, more interesting but the vocals are shit. Also, the riff at 1:20 sounds like the sound effects to a shitty 80’s computer game. WTF is going on? The second half of this song is, again, better than the first half…even though that fucking riff rears its ugly head again.

Fucking hell! “In Here” hits you like a stiletto to the beans. This song kicks arse. Pacey drums. Angry, angry vocals. My boner is back! There’s a very cool vocal effect at the end of this song that’s worth keeping an ear out for. This experimentation washes into “Children of the Urn” where BM riffs are combined with kids singing. This is why I listen to Funeral Mist. He cobbles fucked up ideas together. It shouldn’t work, but it does…and it’s unsettling. Another good song! Two out of four ain’t bad.

I’ve noticed something and, after the intro riff of “Hooks of Hunger,” it was confirmed. An astute listener will notice a definite theme permeating many of the riffs in “Deiform.” This isn’t a bad thing, but it makes the album a tad same-y. Another thing that annoyed me was the fucking hi-hat appears to be clipping in “Into Ashes.” I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but fuck it’s annoying in this song.

So, is “Deiform” as good as “Hekatomb“? No. Is there some really cool stuff on this album? Yes. Is Mortuus still experimenting? Yes, but the experimentation isn’t nearly as menacing or unsettling as on previous Funeral Mist albums. Do I like asking myself questions? Yes. But, and most importantly, do I still have a boner? Come over to my place and find out.

Rating – 3.5/5

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