Song Review: Sally’s Lament – Mordian 

We all know the source of this track, at least I hope we all do. If not, I suppose crawl back under that rock or back in that cave beyond the forest (looking at you PCO). Well, Mordian has taken two tracks from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and created a new track “Sally’s Lament”.

Joined by David Dubenic of Dissona, Chicago’s classical/goth/metal artist Mordian delivers a faithful mash-up of “Sally’s Song” and “Jack’s Lament”. By slowing the tempo a bit, Mordian has achieved the feat of shifting the combined songs into a dirge-like state. This is helped by the dark, minimal orchestral music arrangement. In a way, this song rewrites the ending of the film, leaving you feeling that Sally and Jack will not find each other, but will instead continue in their seeking loneliness.

Several times, while listening to the track on repeat, it was conjuring up images of a completely different film in my mind: “Repo! The Genetic Opera”. For me, playing this track was a teaser to wanting to hear more. More from Mordian (which I did go listen to a few more tracks; “January Moon” has a nice surprise to it if you’re patient). More from Dissona. More from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Repo!” soundtracks. Always more music to listen to…

Rating: 4/5





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