Interview: Jeff Walker – Carcass

For those wondering, the new Carcass album “Torn Arteries” (due for release this Friday the 17th of September) is in the opinion of Your Grouchy Friend some of the best material the band have ever released.

Carcass are a band with a long history and rabid following. Their brutal Grindcore beginnings are to some the epitome of extreme metal: bludgeoning, sickening, unyielding. The following two albums, “Symphonies…” and “Necroticism…” are to others among the greatest Death Metal albums of all time. Still more will insist that the genre defining Melodic Death Metal of 1993’s “Heartwork” is the be-all-end-all of the band. This is without even taking into serious account their later works “Swansong” and “Surgical Steel” – both of which are revered as truly great albums by still more of their fans. Unlike some of their contemporaries they have been a band for whom each album has presented as something that stands alone stylistically against the remainder of their works.

Always recognisably Carcass.

Always something different.

The Great Mack, in our Nuclear Blast Label Feature alluded to the resistance to change of many when it comes to Carcass so it won’t be overly discussed here. That said, it would a poor decision by any self respecting fan not to give this one a number of spirited spins. Whilst it turns out even Jeff doesn’t believe it is their best work, he does see some old elements in the mix. Click on the player below to hear more as Your Grouchy Friend interviews the man, the legend… Jeff Walker from Carcass.

Once you’re done with the interview, gorge on two of the singles from “Torn Arteries” – “Kelly’s Meat Emporium” and “Dance of Ixtab” and head to the album presale links are below that.

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