Album Review – In Desperation’s Grip – Tortured demon


Tortured Demon are a young Metal three piece from Oldham in Manchester, England who formed in late 2018 with the current line up being in force since early 2020, consisting of Joe Parkinson on drums, Jacob Parkinson on guitar and vocals along with Freddie Meaden playing bass and providing backing vocals. They recently signed to the management company Unearthed Music.

The album begins with title track “In Desperation’s Grip,” and a hauntingly mellow intro which lulls you into a false sense of security until 1:22 in where it promptly proceeds to tear your face off. Tempo changes reminiscent of Evile hit at around the three minute mark and leave you gasping for more. Onto Track 2 “Cold Blood,” which features another mellow intro leading into a scorching riff and the drums remind me of early Metallica (better drummer than them though in my opinion Hahaha).

A Knee To The Face Of Corruption” is next, and it’s a very mature piece of work from three lads so young (did I mention that they are all under 18?). The track has a bit of a Slayer vibe and is an awesome track that just makes you want to bang your head. Fourth track “The Invasion” is pure ferocity with blast beats and all, beginning to show off the formidable talents of drummer Joe. You can just tell this lad has a bright future behind the kit before him.

Sufferers Of The New Plague” follows on, and seems aptly written for today’s pandemic situation even if that’s not the subject matter of the song. Here we have another song that builds in intensity as it goes along and sweeps you up in its wake. Sixth track “Usurper” has a fantastic drum intro reminding me of the great Igor Cavalera. In fact at times this track takes me back to Max era Sepultura which is obviously no bad thing. An awesome vocal performance on this track as well, and you can almost see the direction Jacobs vocals are going to take moving forward.

Nearing the finishing line comes “Cut The Budget…Cut Your Throat.” Remember the ages of these lads? At their age I was absolutely not socially aware at all, it was more about beer, bass and chicks for me haha, but the maturity of the guys totally shines through right here. Just over three minutes of total speed and rage on display for sure. second last comes “Oppressed” which is my personal favourite on the album and I certainly hope that they will play it live when they get the chance. I love everything about it, a real 10/10 track if there ever was one.

Closing number “My Terror” Beginning with a mid tempo chugger then BOOM! These guys love a time change, and it all just adds to my amazement at their musical abilities. They just keep you guessing all the way through. And then, before you know it the album is over and you are left wanting more, a true sign of a great album by any standards as you would agree. This band has a very bright future and I look forward to being along for the ride with them. In my opinion a superb album, nothing less.. Thank you my friends, horns up!

Rating – 15/10!

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