Exclusive Premiere: Beyond The Grime – Diskord

Diskord plays the kind of Death Metal that will twist your ears in knots. If you’re unfamiliar with these anomalous Norweigion chaps, they’re sort of a Necrophagist flavored Demilich. An Autopsy of a Cadaver, if you will. A Gorod fighting Gojira in Fallujah. If that sounds bat shit crazy to you, good! Their upcoming album, “Degenerations,” is going to explode all of your brains, and you’ll send them thank you cards afterwards. Oozing bloody Hallmark’s with extra postage paid for the little bits of brain left over on the envelopes.  

You’ll get your chance to hear the bastard later this week, don’t you worry one bit about that. But for now Transcending Obscurity Records has arranged for us to be able to present one more preview track before the big day. This one is called “Beyond the Grime,” and we suggest you watch the fuck out! 

What did you notice first? How long did it take you to get beyond the grime? I’m going to guess it was at about the 1:06 mark you started wondering how long it would be before your jaw hit the floor. Between 1:59 and and 3:09 the tune has you wondering if your jaw has fallen upwards or down… sideways to the left or right? From that point on you don’t get much help in the way of seeing straight, but by then it doesn’t matter fuck all anyway! Diskord has done you in, and if you’re anything like me that makes you happy as hell. 

Yes, my friends, bands like Diskord are as rare as corpse flowers. As rare as albino alligators swimming around the underwater Cairn in the Sea of Galilee. Quite spectacular to behold, indeed, and just as dangerous. 

“Degenerations” comes out this Friday, August 13th on Transcending Obscurity Records. To tide you over, five of the twelve tracks that appear on this monster are currently available for preview on Diskord’s Bandcamp page, two of which are also readily available to stream on regular platforms. Discord’s previous albums (“Doomscapes” and “Dystopics”) are also widely available, and highly enjoyable. 

Line up –

Hans Jørgen – Drums and vocals

Dmitry (Defect Designer) – Guitars and vocals

Eyvind (Defect Designer) – Bass guitar, electric upright bass, cello, theremin, synth, vocals

Artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke

Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts)

Track listing –

1. Loitering in the Portal

2. Bionic Tomb Eternal

3. Abnegations

4. The Endless Spiral

5. Dirigiste Radio Hit

6. Lone Survivor

7. Dragged for Coronation

8. Clawing at the Fabric of Space

9. Atoms Decay

10. Raging Berzerker in the Universe Rigid

11. Gnashing

12. Beyond the Grime






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