Exclusive Premiere: Relinquish the Self – Replicant


US based Death Metal band Replicant are to release their latest effort “Malignant Reality” on the 10th of September this year, provided that the planet isn’t destroyed by a giant meteor or the fucking Rapture occurs, in which case I can pretty much GUARANTEE that most of us Metal types will get a good hard spanking by a certain Mr. Jesus and have a bit of a sit down chat with Mr. Satan whilst demons shove red hot pokers up our rear ends. Let us hope this does not happen, but anyway..

One listen to the aforementioned album had ME in raptures, and I started babbling incoherently at anyone within sight, even harmless wandering old people walking past my office, because this monstrous bastard is really going to lay down the heavy boot come years end. After some really solid as fuck albums from the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Fulci and the likes of Urn to name but a few (all exceptional, without a doubt), Replicant throw in a real curve ball the size of a large planet that surely came from somewhere in the “Dimension Hatröss” system. Before we discuss further, have a listen to this.

Yeah, so I get a lot of Voivod vibes from this. Sure it’s a lot heavier but they way they think about music is certainly fucking off kilter, and then add to that the fact that the singer sounds like a barking madman and some of you may get my drift. I also think of Morbid Angel in their “Blessed Are the Sick” era with some of the musical arrangements and just sheer flat out aggression. I ALSO think of Gorguts, and many other bands. But to be totally honest, if you can find a more unusual, unsettling and interesting band of this ilk (Death Metal wise, don’t throw Thy Catafalque at me ya bastards) this year, I will challenge you to a duel. Pistols are fine, I much prefer the sword, but I’ll fight you with a bag of old chicken necks if needs be.

Replicant Band Pic

So, all that needs to be said now is you need to get “Malignant Reality” on your radar, right about now. This album will move up to the top shelf of your collection, and probably shove a lot of things out of the way to bask in its own magnificence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Heavy as fuck? Yep. Odd as fuck? Yep. Absolute listening perfection. None of this “I know where they are going here” kind of crap, because you absolutely will NOT! (Tuesday, 5pm, near the old tree, bring some chicken necks, it’s on!)

As always, many thanks to Transcending Obscurity Records for the premiere!

Line up:

Mike Gonçalves – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Pete Lloyd – Guitars, High-frequency transmissions
James Applegate – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Caverns Of Insipid Reflection
2. Relinquish The Self
3. Excess Womb
4. Death Curse
5. Coerced To Be
6. Rabid Future
7. Chassis Of Deceit
8. Dressed In Violence
9. Ektoskull10. The Ubiquity Of Time





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