Interview: Joe Parkinson – Tortured Demon


The concept of family in Metal is a central one. Not a day goes by where this isn’t a theme to a worldwide fanbase who are always looking to espouse the superiority of passion inherent to their Metal community over any other musical form. This concept is not a fiction, it is a fact of which there are countless tangible examples – Metalheads have a commitment to the cause that is truly exceptional, and hearts that bleed on their black sleeves.

But there is a looming problem, a problem of ageing, a generational problem that creates division, stagnancy and gatekeeping ridiculousness. The simple fact is, without children a family will end, surrendering itself to the ravages of time. The elders of the family have a responsibility to guide the youth, but attempts to restrict them or maintain them in their own image can incite them to leave the family fractured or perished. The family is fractured my friends, for reasons that can be attributed to several generations of Metal evolution being stifled and judged by gatekeepers and elitists intent on the purity of their style over another. There exists division that can be healed only by the workings of the youth whose Metal lexicon includes all styles without judgment. Styles will change. New styles will be born. But of supreme importance these styles will merge in ways previously unimagined thanks to the boundary-less immersion of a new breed.

Joe Parkinson and his Tortured Demon bandmates represent this youth. A youth that can already tear your head clean off with the aggression, swagger and no-fucks-given attitude displayed by Entombed as they recorded “Left Hand Path” at roughly the same age. If this year’s belter of an album “In Desperation’s Grip” is the starting point for Joe, Jacob and Freddie… well it is probably best to fall short of total hyperbole, but these guys are looking the goods. If you haven’t spun the album already, then you damn well should, but in any case drummer Joe Parkinson was kind enough to speak to Your Grouch Friend to discuss all things Tortured Demon and give you another reason to. Click on the player below to listen in.

Check out the link below for album and merch sales and/or listen on your favourite platforms.

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