Album Review: Consolamentum – Year of No Light


Every once in a while, I stumble across music that makes me smile. Year of No Light’s Consolamentum” popped up in my Facebook feed when someone said it was worth checking out. I thought “Crikey cunt! I might just give it a go”. Most of the time I get about 10 seconds into suggestions and flick that shit off. It’s often rubbish. 

Now, I know nothing about Year Of No Light. But, that’s true of most bands I review. It’s not because I’m lazy or arrogant. It’s because I don’t want outside information biasing my review. I don’t want to know where they’re from. I don’t want to know how many albums they have released. I just want to judge what’s in front of me. So, on that note:

Consolamentum” is slow, plodding, and oppressive. It’s probably the heaviest thing you’ll hear in 2021. And, yes! I know Cannibal Corpse released a new album this year. “Consolamentum” makes the new Cannibal Corpse look like The mutha-fucking Wiggles. Parts of “Consolamentum” are so heavy you’ll find yourself clenching your arse-cheeks together just in case you follow through with that fart you’ve been holding in. Other sections of this album are comfortably uncomfortable. The build up of “Alétheia” is a great example.

Anybody who has read my reviews knows I whinge about Instrumentals. Usually, I’m justified because Instrumentals are the musical equivalent of guitarists impersonating a weighlifter in the shower (i.e., practicing their clean-and-jerk). But, there are fuck all vocals on “Consolamentum” and it’s mint. I only picked up a few what i thought were screams/growls buried in the mix that seemed to be used to add texture. 

There are elements of Sunn O))), Anathema, Bloodlust & Perversion-era Carpathian Forest, and even Abysmal Grief here. A friend of mine described this album as a heavier version of Pelican. I don’t know what that means, but it might help someone. Who names a band Pelican?

Apparently, I’m getting a reputation as the guy who hates everything. Well, there isn’t a single moment I hate on “Consolamentum.” This is a cunning stunt of a release. Do yourselves a favour and listen to it. Really fucking listen to it because this is a contender for album of the year.

Rating – 5/5

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