EP Review: Fire, Magic & Venom – Sea Mosquito

Continuing the tradition of excellence at Onism Productions, a label that turned a single year old just yesterday, is the latest release by UK-based atmospheric Black Metal band, Sea Mosquito.

“Fire, Magic & Venom” is a single twenty-two minute piece. An epic journey to a place in between Dante’s “Inferno” and Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch,” with a quick stop to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” which reminds all of us now, in one way or another, of “The Wizard Of Oz.”

This music is crazy and twisted and magical. Perhaps a bit frightening, but in a way that’s familiar enough to provide peace. It’s tempting to say more. To analyze and compare. But it’s the rare type of music that’s best left to speak for itself. If for no other reason than finding the words to describe it will take a while to find. 

So, while I think of something, let’s take a listen to this thing together. Sound good?

“Experimental” or “avant-garde” don’t quite do the trick, do they? And this for many reasons, not the least of which is how incredibly heavy it is. Black Metal, certainly, but not the entire time. Or at least not in a way many have heard it before. Oranssi Pazuzu comes close, but there are moments more ethereal than that. Like Alcest and Harakiri for the Sky dropped acid with the ghost of Syd Barrett and listened to “Dark Side.” All leaned back in chairs surrounded by speakers and smoke. A man dressed as a demon stands to the side and drops the needle down. As they listen they get to talking, and the entire world seems to come up.  

This is the kind of music that creates a world you get lost in, but if you follow the word “heavy” through to the end of the maze… you’ll find your way home just fine. Absolute brilliance.  

Available digitally now at the links below, and on a limited edition cassette July 2nd. A deluxe vinyl version is set to be released later this year. 

Rating: 5/5






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