Here’s Something You Really Must Check Out: Geminus 21 – Bone Marrow

bone marrow

Brisbane, Australia based Bone Marrow first came to our attention back in 2018 with their aptly titled “Demo 2018,” and what a cracker it was. The kind of fist to the face that although a short jab left any who cared to listen with a broken jaw and a resounding headache, and with song titles such as “Bound and Gagged,” and “Smart Phone Dumb Cunt” certainly contained a sense of humour to boot. The good news is that they are back, but the beast has changed somewhat as you will soon see if you haven’t already, and you most definitely should, as stated above, check this out.

So what has changed? Well, for starters, they have a new line-up which contains only one former member, that being Chris Anning (Cryptivore, From These Wounds) on rhythm guitar. Three of the new lads come from another fucking excellent Aussie Death Metal band Pustilence, and they are in no certain order Anthony Oxenbridge (lead guitar), Taylor Burnett (Vocals) and Sean Matulich (bass). Liam Anthony rounds out the band on drums, and he comes from Blackened Death/Thrash band Idle Ruin, who also happen to be local. Fancy that, and below is a picture to prove that they do, indeed, exist and are not at all a figment of my often bizarre imagination. Links to all bands will be provided of course.


I suppose having a Transcending Obscurity logo on there gives part of the game away. Yes, they are signed to the label, and will be putting out a full length at some stage, but for now have decided to show us fans what exactly they are all about at this stage. This is a good thing, because although still well and truly rooted in the field of Death Metal, the change as mentioned is quite the shift.

No more songs clocking in around the 1:50 minute mark is one, no, this time these fine fuckers mean business, as you will see. The addition of Anthony on lead guitar brings a whole new dimension to their sound, as does the fact he plays with his fellow band mates from Pustilence and they are already ‘in synch’ so to speak. Chris on rhythm is as solid as a rock, channelling all of his musical nounce into riffs that make mountains pale in comparison to his work, and the same goes for bass player Sean. A titanic rumbling underneath the solid framework already set down, surely his neighbours have no glass in their house, as the sonic waves he emits would surely shatter them all.

Vocal wise, let’s put it this way, if Taylor arrived and asked you to buy a box of chocolates to support the local Scout group/School/Hospital or so on, you would quietly walk backwards phone in hand dialling the local police station and tell them there is a demon at your door trying to sell you chocolate.. The lungs on this man have to be heard to be believed, and his uvula must shudder in fear whenever band practice is mentioned..


I took the time to ask Chris about the new stuff, and here it is.

Me: “Why the change in direction musically. Anything in general or just new band members with a different take on the type of stuff you all want to make?”

Not me, Him: “Well, it actually hasn’t been a sudden change in style for us. It’s been nearly two years since we last played a show and recorded anything. Since then we moved into straight Death Metal territory naturally. With the new line up it also opened up our writing and seeing what came out without having a particular style in mind. For me personally I always loved Death Metal with riffs you can hear, feel and remember so that’s something I really wanted to shine through.”

And there you have it. “Riffs you can hear, feel and remember.” In all seriousness with all humour aside, he is not lying. Two tracks on offer here. “Imbroglio,” and “Impetus Quietus,” and you WILL remember the first time you heard them. This is not Bone Marrow as you knew them, this takes things to a whole new level.

You can get this right now, follow the links below for more!

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