Album Review: Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida

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Thrash Metal has seemingly always led the way when the world seems to be going to hell and back. Anger, conviction, frustration and pure rebellion drive exponents of this genre to write songs that capture the feelings of a given point within the space time continuum. Angelus Apatrida have provided such an album with their self-titled 7th album released in February 2021.

This album has it all, from extraordinary lead work, to notable riffs galore for you to raise the horns and bust the crap out of your neck muscles, to frenzied drumming and some of the maddest vocals you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. All of which combine to provide savagely unstoppable Thrash Metal made for all of us disciples.

I’d suggest because the band has been unable to tour, all their pent up thunder, fury and frustration have been marvellously unleashed and channelled into this album and holy riffage Batman, Angelus Apatrida are really pissed and that is so good for us.

“We Stand Alone” is a bloody wonder and genuine marvel of a track with its catchy rhythms and singalong ear worm chorus. Trust me, you’ll be singing along with this with fists raised in defiance rehearsing for when you finally get to hear this live. “Through the Glass” has an ever so slightly slower tempo however that doesn’t mean any of the thunder or ferociousness are levelled down. It has a mean as fark riff that flows like lava coming down a mountain tearing apart all in its path. The lead work here will flay you right down to your bare bones.

First track “Indoctrinate,” destroys and crushes with its maximum dynamism, power and pure force to completely kick the shit out of you with a sonic assault of your aural and physical senses. A driving manic drumbeat propels “The Age of Disinformation” along at a rate of knots featuring a striking riff and powerful lead break to die for.

“Into the Well” fires off like a machine gun and is the last track on this ripping album. What a way to finish off one of the finest thrash albums that has ever been released – and I don’t say that lightly. This album needs, nay, demands to be played at full volume, so if you love your thrash lightning fast, awe inspiring and formidably played then get off your arses and go get you some of this.

Rating – 5/5

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