Exclusive Premiere: Nihil – Sadistik forest


Sadistik Forest. A band that is very close to my heart, and of course you must wonder why. Yes, after several years of listening to Hooded Menace, I thought I would bold one day and ask the bass player at the time, a certain Mr Markus Makkonen a few questions about the band. Long story short, he was very obliging, and also pointed me in the direction of SF.

Instant love for the band of course. The self titled “Sadistik Forest,” was a real eye opener compared to the slower tracks of Hooded Menace, and then came “Death, Doom, Radiation” in 2012 (“Dying Work of Art” – what a fucking song) and then near six years of silence. Maybe they were busy doing whatever it is that the Fins do when they are bored. Harvesting snow or trapping trees, or whatever, maybe looking out for Russians, fucked if I know. A great band, with their own take on Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal that worked a treat, and the fans wanted more.

Then came “Morbid Majesties,” in 2018, and what a fucking pure display of excellence it was. You want some fast shit? Here, have some! You want songs that will crush you like the pathetic piece of shit you are? Herein lies your destiny! An evolution of a band has never been clearer. They take your hand with ease, and then lead you into the woods and do such horrible things to your head, that your mind doesn’t know just precisely WHAT is going on, but fuck it you are enjoying it yes!

Before I continue, here is the premiere of “Nihil.” The talk can wait.

And where are you now? Is this what you expected from Sadistik Forest at all? The bastards keep moving the goal posts don’t they! Indeed, with a mindset like theirs, they just want to make you listen, and enjoy, because you will be fucked if you know which direction they are headed in. Rest assured though, that yes this IS Death Metal, and it is done VERY well. Need I say any more?

I will. Finland’s finest, without any doubt.


Obscure Old Remains” will be available on the 28th of May. From who? Transcending Obscurity Records! Duh!





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