Album Review: Autonoesis – Autonoesis

Autonoesis’s self-titled debut is six tracks of the filthiest, dirtiest, awe inspiring, melodically and beautifully fashioned, vocally brilliant and riff-tastic expeditions into an auditory realm where combinations of Black, Thrash, and Death Metal seamlessly weave together to portraying layers of sound rarely heard together in the same place. 

Autonoesis has produced something incredible here, inasmuch as it takes listeners on a musical journey which makes enough pit stops for Metal fans of all persuasions. What a farking remarkable album this is! 

Right off the bat, the opening track “Nightfall,” is mind blowing, by the superior musicianship alone. It’s engaging, and prepares you well for the exceptional experience that follows. “Ruins of Heaven” and “Horrors of Nothing” bring riffs and lead work that would make you crawl across broken glass to hit the repeat button. Vocally brilliant with enough growls, gravel and evil to chill even the most hardened and discerning of metal listeners. “Visions” chimes in next with all the skill and creative ability of the previous tracks along with melodic rhythms that combine to make the hairs on the nape of your neck even stand up for a listen. 

“Elegy” begins with the most beautiful acoustic guitar genius you would ever want to hear. This piece of sublime technical artistic ability could take pride of place in any Opera House. If anyone says that metal musicians are unable to play unless it’s at full tilt, whack this on and let them eat their words. I guarantee that their mouths will be wide open in awe just as mine was when I first heard this track and still is every time I hear it. Makes me wish I’d listened to my music teacher more.  

Finally, and with no separation between tracks, “Death, and the Cosmic Return” takes you back to all the quality, talent, skill and creativity that Autonoesis have provided, the humble punter and twelve minutes later this album ends to applause and screams of more. 

I just keep playing it over and over again, and can’t get enough of the brilliance that is Autonoesis. You really need to listen, and I mean really listen and enjoy every blistering break out moment. It deserves every plaudit and high score that I am able to provide.

Congratulations Autonoesis. Well fuckin played!

Rating – 6/5


  1. > filthiest, dirtiest

    You need to find some adjectives that reflect the sound of the album, not trite death metal adulations. This is amazingly clean production and playing, not some guttural death fuzz fest.


  2. Thank you for the comment, “No.” It seems you and Longstretch agree on the quality of the album. That’s good news! Hard to find fault in more praise heaped upon the record. As far as adjectives describing applause completely free of commonality… you can feel free to write a review yourself. Shoot us an email:


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