Album Review: Humanoid – Deiquistor


If there is one place in the world that musically reeks of decaying, rotting, living corpses it has to be Denmark. From gracing us with the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time in Mercyful Fate to ripping our assholes out through… well, our assholes with Undergang, with a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT IN THE YEARS BETWEEN. There is something in the water there that turns people into Metal monsters, which brings us to the subject at hand: Deiquisitor

Starting with their 2013 demo, Deiquisitor have released a steady stream of material throughout the years and if there’s one thing this band is doing it’s getting better. With their slew of EPs and three full lengths they have never been short of riffs and this is especially true of the band’s latest output “Humanoid”… and what a banger of an EP it is. Filled with putrid vocals and fast riffs it is possessed of a different vibe to some of its Danish counterparts. 

As soon as “Humanoid” starts, “World in Flames” opens up with monstrous riffs and a great song structure reminiscent of Immolation. It is just a smothering song that opens up to let you try to get out and then pulls you back down into its depths even further that you were before. “Below the Frozen Tundra” is just relentless, bleak, and probably my personal favourite song off the record. It starts pummelling you right away and doesn’t stop until you are completely frozen in your tracks save for your head banging until your brain comes out of your nose. It sounds cold and desolate and boasts arguably the coolest solo of 2021. “Dictate the Believers” is a subversive track that drags you down to the depths of your mind and challenges your beliefs on authority: Fuck world leaders. Fuck governments. Fuck politics. 

The seamless flow and programming of tracks makes “Humanoid” feel more like a full length all the way up to the end when it stops and you just crave more like a zombie craves flesh. Combine that with a running time of 24 minutes and 6 songs and this is one hefty-ass EP. All in all one shouldn’t be surprised at how fucking good this EP is: It is everything that’s good about a band that have been churning out riffs and destroying everything in their path, and manage to stand out above and beyond most of their Danish counterparts. I love this band, I love this release, and I love that country for giving us the music that it has. Can’t wait to hear more from these maniacs.

Rating – 5/5

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