Exclusive Premiere – Altar of Revenge – Grab

Grab Logo & Title

Today we are very honoured to bring you the second single from Greek based Black Metal outfit Grab, and what an absolutely killer track it is. A slow frosty burn emanates from this creeping riff fest whilst bass lines of thunderous proportion snake in and around it’s fetid, ice cold corpse. The drum beat becomes the very tick of the clock that counts down to your demise while the demonic vocals of an insanely vicious madman bark at you from somewhere on the horizon. You try to peer through the fog to see where this evil approaches from, but it is to no avail, the fog and the cold just get more dense and oppressive and you fall to your knees sobbing uncontrollably with fear. Your, time it seems has come to an end..

A tad overdramatic perhaps? Not at all as you will now hear and see! Without any further histrionics, we present to you “Altar of Revenge” from the incoming full length “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind“!

Did we mention the riffs? Maybe we have, but in all seriousness this is the sort of brilliance that would not have been out of place on an old Priest or Sabbath album, such is their excellence. Yeah sure this may be Black Metal, but it has a certain class about it that is sure hard to beat! This is Grab‘s second full length, and founder Wrath and cohorts (listed below) are sure as shit aiming take the band forward into the future with all guns blazing! Welcome them with open arms, and await the release of “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” on the 17th of April via the always bloody fantastic F Y C Records & Distro!

maket Tape.indd

Line Up –

Wrath – Vocals, Lyircs
Bacchus – Guitars, Music
Goatlord – Bass
N.D. – Drums

Track Listing –

  1. Standing Breathless from a structured space
  2. The Inevitable Filth of Mankind
  3. A Hollow Figure from the Past
  4. Altar of Revenge
  5. Evil Unbound
  6. Our Star of Chaos Shines Supreme

Grab Flyer


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