Vale: Lars-Göran Petrov

The Metal world has lost an absolute legend and the front man of one of the most iconic acts in the history of Death Metal: The mighty Entombed. Lars-Göran Petrov was to so many around the world a talisman for the feel good, family-not-of-blood nature of Metal: one who lived for the stage and the good times and positivity that meant to so many people.

For Your Grouchy Friend, Entombed were one of the catalysts for a lifelong journey into the wilds of Extreme Metal with their opening salvo “Left Hand Path,” and its definitive and idiosyncratic buzz saw HM-2 fuelled sound, raw riffing, innovative arrangement and of course the balls to the wall delivery of a then eighteen year old LG Petrov. Petrov brutally narrated the soundtrack for so many metalheads across more than three decades with the aforementioned Entombed, and acts such as Nihilist, Morbid, Comecon, and Firespawn, and will be sorely missed.

More than anything, we here at The Metal Wanderlust want to extend our condolences and love to Petrov’s family, friends and bandmates past and present who must be feeling his passing so acutely. If the loss of L-G engenders such an emotive response in his burgeoning and devoted fanbase (and it has), then one can only begin to suspect the pain this tragedy is causing his nearest and dearest. May those closest to him take solace in the immense joy he brought to innumerable people around the world for so very long.

Here are three tracks close to Your Grouchy Friend’s heart. Crank them to maximum, raise a glass of whatever is suitable, and celebrate the incredible life and career of the remarkable Lars-Göran Petrov.

Rest in Power.

You might have been – where I’ve been
You might have seen – just what I’ve seen
But you didn’t go where I went
You were just put off the scent

He had such great plans

To get the damn deal done



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