Exclusive Premiere: Restless – Aphonic Threnody

Aphonic Threnody have consistently navigated the often choppy waters of Funeral Doom better than most. There is a fine line between pretentious edginess and honest musical exploration on which not every band can balance. Aphonic Threnody is of the rare breed that makes this seem easy. I’m quite sure that easiness is an illusion, as Aphonic mastermind Riccardo Veronese would probably be quick to point out, but that is a big part of what makes his music so incredible. Last year’s “The Great Hatred” was a bit of a departure for the band, with the addition of vocalist Juan Escobar. A magnificent album, to put it mildly, and Aphonic Threnody’s upcoming “The All Consuming Void” is set to shake things up in an even bigger way.  

This time around, Veronese is joined by Justin Buller (In Oblivion) on guitar, Val Atra Niteris (Frowning) on drums, and Daniel Neagoe (Clouds) on vocals, making this the first Aphonic Threnody album featuring a full band, with live drums. This is a bit of a Doom supergroup, similar in ways to Veronese’s side project Towards Atlantis Lights, for whom he plays bass. So, “The All Consuming Void” is an exciting prospect not only for Aphonic Threnody fans, but for anyone remotely familiar with the band’s new members, or excellence in Doom in general. 

The album is set for independent release towards the end of April this year, so there’s still time to wait. But lucky for you, Riccardo was kind enough to allow us access to the first single, “Restless,” and you can hear that glorious bastard right now! Get yourself ten minutes and a comfy place to sit, because “Restless” aims to be an act title. Check it out! 

Like all deep emotion, expression starts with a drizzle and light thunder. Something is on its way. Will it breeze on by, as you sit on your porch? Will it completely, for hours, blot out the sun? Will all of your feelings, like trees, be torn from the roots? Only way to know is to stay in the thick of it. Enjoy the ride. And, holy shit, how crazy a ride “Restless”

First of all, Veronese and Buller as a guitar duo is ridiculously haunting and beautiful. Together they manage to pull off a sound I’m not convinced exists elsewhere (Although, I’d be delighted to get some suggestions you think may prove me wrong). The drums, which are typically what make or break a Doom record, are not the least bit oafish or pointlessly static. Neagoe’s vocals go from death growl, to poetic spoken word, to gregorian chant. I’ll have to listen to the song again to be certain, but I’m pretty sure there are moments when he does all three. In fact, why don’t you all join me? 


Riccardo Veronese – Guitars, Bass

Justin Buller – Guitars

Val Atra Niteris – Drums

Daniel Neagoe – Vocals 

Track Listing:

  1. Restless
  2. Chapel of the Dead
  3. Until I Am Empty
  4. Chamber of Parasites
  5. The Crossing

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