Exclusive Premiere: Being – Erased – Crypts of Despair


Transcending Obscurity Records continue their onslaught into 2021, with a solid “fuck 2020, fuck the virus and fuck your eardrums ’cause you ain’t heard nothing yet” attitude, and we are very pleased to help them deliver this message unto you, the masses. Here we have Lithuanian based Death Metal band Crypts of Despair with their first single release from their second full length “All Light Swallowed,” and not only does this thing swallow the light, it drags it kicking and screaming into darkness eternal and does some utterly horrid stuff to it that we probably can’t speak of here, lest we upset the kiddies. Will somebody please think of the children indeed.. So before we continue – get some of this into you. Here is the first track off the album, “Being – Erased.” Holy shit!

Yep. Did you notice the room get perceptibly darker the longer this bastard went on? Did lightbulbs explode and shadows envelop you until you felt an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia and dread? If not, then perhaps you weren’t playing it loud enough! An astounding display of utter nastiness and sheer outright hate here, and we cannot overemphasize how much of a kick in the pants “All Light Swallowed” is. We do recommend that you have a torch nearby or maybe a candle though, just so you don’t trip over and crack your skull open after listening. Meh, why even bother, this thing will crack it open for you!


So, enjoy the light while it lasts, forget last year, just hold out that hand and let Crypts of Despair and Transcending Obscurity lead you down the road to eternal darkness. Trust us, you WILL learn to adapt to this new world order, or die trying! April 23 2021, bring it on!

Lineup –

Dovydas Auglys – Guitar/Vocals
Benas Juskus – Guitar
Simonas Jurkevicius – Bass/Vocals
Henri Mall – Drums

Track listing –

  1. Being – Erased
  2. Anguished Exhale
  3. Choked by the Void
  4. Condemned to Life
  5. Synergy of Suffering
  6. The Great End
  7. Disgust
  8. Excruciating Weight
  9. Bleak View





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