Exclusive Premiere: Verge – Shattered Hope

Shattered Hope - Vespers Cover

On the 6th of February, not too far away at all, Fucking Your Creation Records & Distro will be doing a very limited cassette release of Greek Atmospheric/Funeral/Death/Doom band Shattered Hope and their November 2020 release “Vespers.” Originally released through Solitude Productions (as with their previous two albums “Absence” (2010), and “Waters of Lethe” (2014),” the band decided that the album quite deservedly could do with an issue on tape, and who better to handle it than Wrath at F Y C! It is also no coincidence that Wrath him very self lends some clean vocals to the track, and as always what a stellar performance he delivers. Truly a match of perfection as you will no doubt agree. Enough of my waffle anyway, here we proudly present to you the official video for the song “Verge.”

“In this verge, life seems cursed, Watching from a distance, We became somebody else, But yet remained the same”

As you can hear, this is some truly epic material, containing many musical elements successfully intertwined into a thing of cold, dark and mournfully elegant wonder. The fantastic video was created specifically for this release by none other than VisionBlack on behalf of F Y C, and again truly compliments the work done here by the band. Fans of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Draconian, The Crawling and their kind will be right at home in this superbly executed misery, as should be fans of any good music that can rend the heart asunder and bring one to ones very knees! Highly recommended.


Line up –

Nick – Vocals
Sakis – Guitars
Thanos – Guitars
Thanasis – Bass
Yiannis – Drums

Tracklisting –

1. In Cold Blood
2. Verge
3. Συριγμός
4. Towards the Land of Deception
5. The Judas Tree


As stated, not far off now at all for this one, so keep your eyes open, and as always, support the underground!




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