The ProgCaveOgier – Best of 2020.


So, we got another note from the PCO. Tucked into the belly of a Bear in fact. Inside that belly was a Wolf, that had drunk too much Aquavit. Inside that Wolf was a Grouse (wrapped in bacon, drool) with a Quail shoved up its bum with a look of fear on its little face and this list tied to its leg. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, why the fuck can’t he just send an email! How much was the postage? You can’t even get a normal release over here for less than both of your sister’s legs and a Cow named Kevin! Regardless, somehow he gets this stuff through customs..

He has decided on a three way thingy here, and I’m not going to argue with a man that can fight a Bear, kill a wolf, and stuff birds into it. Are you? If so, glad to meet you, may your existence be as short as that of those few that have knocked on his (cave) door unannounced!



1. Green Carnation – “Leaves of Yesteryear

2. Haken – “Virus

3. Wobbler – “Dwellers of the Deep

4. Jakko M. Jakszyk – “Secrets & Lies

5. Arabs in Aspic – “Madness and Magic



1. Reaper – “Unholy Nordic Noise

2. Beherit – “Bardo Exist

3. Iku-Turso – “Pakana

4. Faustian Pact – “Outojen tornien varjoissa

5. And Oceans – “Cosmic World Mother



1. Cro-Mags – “In the Beginning

2. Atramentus – “Stygian” 

3. Lie In Ruins – “Floating in Timeless Streams

4. Defeated Sanity – “The Sanguinary Impetus” 

5. Necropsy – “Exitus” EP

There you have it. The PCO has vast and different taste to some of us, and I’d expect that from someone three hundred odd years old, that is quite happy to eat a whole Moose for dinner and has seen many more a tide come and go than most of us. Maybe he should write a book…

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