Exclusive Premiere: Celestial Existence – The Scalar Process


The Scalar Process (premiere)

Technical Death Metal, like any sub-genre, enjoys a variety of essentials. Blast beats, guitar sweeps, bass acrobatics, and mathematically precise drumming are a few of the basics. The trick is a band’s ability to ride the Tech-Death waves without becoming Tech-Death clichés. There’s a lot of space to fill in the shoes of bands like Cryptopsy and Rivers of Nihil, after all, and French outfit The Scalar Process has proven up for the challenge on multiple levels.  

Transcending Obscurity Records has gifted us with the opportunity to share an exclusive track from The Scalar Process’s upcoming album, “Coagulative Matter.” And oh, what an absolute beast of a track it is! Prepare yourselves for “Celestial Existence”!

Holy shit, right?! I’d say, without hesitation, that stacks up nicely with greats of the genre like Archspire, and Beyond Creation. Though Fallujah, Inferi, or The Zenith Passage may be better examples, as The Scalar Process clearly embraces the prospect of allowing room in between flourishes of technicality for a more subtle, almost cinematic experience. Eloi Nicod’s guitar work is exceptional, which is a must for any Tech-Death artist, but what sets him apart is his ability to paint pictures with his instrument. Just under the surface of all Nicod’s obvious technical ability, lurking like a gorgeous purple shaded fog, there are multiple layers of sonorousness. An absolutely incredible sound, to put it mildly, and one I’m sure you’ll find throughout the entire album. 

Transcending Obscurity enjoyed great success with its 2020 releases by Coexistence, and Hateful. By adding The Scalar Process to this lineup, you could say that’s a bit of a Tech-Death trifecta. Amen to that, I say! “Coagulative Matter” is available for pre-order now and will be released on all formats on February 19th, 2021. 

Line up –

Eloi Nicod – Guitars, Composition
Mathieu Lefevre – Vocals
Clement Denys – Drums

Guest appearances –

Clement Denys (Fractal Universe) – Session drums for the album
Scott Carstairs (Fallujah) – Guest Solo on “Ink Shadow
Mark Garrett (Kardashev, Viraemia) – Guest vocals on “Mirror Cognition
Enlia – Female choirs on “Azimuth
Tommy Bonnevialle (Virulent Depravity, DeathAwaits) – Guest piano solo on Coagulative Matter

Artwork Bastien Jez (Exocrine)

Track Listing –

  1. Elevation
  2. Cosmic Flow
  3. Ink Shadow
  4. Celestial Existence
  5. Mirror Cognition
  6. Poisoned Fruit
  7. Azimuth
  8. Beyond The Veil of Consciousness
  9. Ouroboros
  10. Coagulative Matter
  11. Somnambulation





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