Exclusive Premiere: Mustaa Hiiltä – Revulsion


Revulsion has been an active band for quite some time. Since 2005, in fact, the quintet has been ripping up ear drums throughout Finland’s underground Death Metal scene. Having only released a handful of songs (one demo and one EP), Revulsion is finally ready to blaze a trail of destruction with their eponymously titled debut out this February on Transcending Obscurity Records

But you don’t need to take my word for it, you bunch of lucky bastards!  Because Transcending Obscurity Records was kind enough to give us the opportunity to share a brand new Revulsion track called “Mustaa Hiiltä,” and it’s a chugging slab of doom-laden Death Metal splendour! So here it is in all it’s deathly glory!

Hearing the available teaser tracks (“Last Echoes of Life,” “Pyre,” and “Wastelands”) over the past several weeks have made quite an impression on Death Metal fans, as well as exciting Transcending Obscurity loyalists by the band joining fellow countrymen Sadistik Forest and Sepulchral Curse on an already stellar roster. But don’t think for a moment that Revulsion isn’t bringing anything new to the table. Fuck no! These dudes add all sorts of extra spicy flavour to the already delicious Finnish Death Metal sound. 


Just about knocks your teeth down your throat, yeah? Kicks you right in the junk and has you crying out for mommy! Those riffs, those vocals, the rhythm section… all coming together in a cauldron full of lava, little bits of fiery death dripping from the rim, splattering onto the smoking earth with relentless force. This is just a taste of Revulsion’s massive sound, and you best believe the album in its entirety is going to melt some faces. Available on the 5th of February 20201! Pre – orders up now, follow the links below for more!

Line up –

Aleksi Huhta – Vocals
Jari Toppinen – Guitar
Jarkko Viitasalo – Guitar
Tuomas Alatalo – Bass
Atte Karppinen – Drums

Track listing –

1. “Last Echoes of Life
2. “Pyre
3. “Walls
4. “Mustaa Hiiltä”
5. “Lihaan Sidottu Kirja
6. “Wastelands
7. “Unravel
8. “Silence
9. “Pawns
10. “Viimeinen Rituaali





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